“If bound for renewal, let’s take the opportunity to amend the ABS CBN franchise law.” — Gov’t prosecutor Darwin Cañete

If you are a Duterte supporter, for sure the name Darwin Cañete, a government prosecutor, does ring a bell to you.

He describes himself in in Facebook profile as someone who hates Dilawans. Absolutely hate them. If you’re a Dilawan, he considers you lower than smegma. Lol.

Since ABS-CBN is Dilawan, it follows Cañete is pro-ABS-CBN shutdown. You can double check his FB wall to confirm this.

However, after President Duterte accepted the apology of ABS-CBN President Carlo Katigbak plus recent development wherein the President’s daughter Sara backs the extension of ABS-CBN franchise, Cañete has softened his stance with regards to ABS-CBN franchise renewal issues.

However, as ABS-CBN franchise renewal is inevitable, the government prosecutor wants Congress to amend the ABS-CBN franchise law. “If bound for renewal, let’s take the opportunity to amend the ABS CBN franchise law. Add more conditions.”

Cañete went on to enumerate (8) suggestions for amendments of the ABS-CBN franchise law. Please feel free to read and please comment below if you have some suggestions or you don’t agree with it.

1. Religious, on-time, and full payment of all assessed taxes and, fees of the government. No tax compromise will be accepted.

2. No instrument or scheme will be accepted that would give even indirect or direct control or ownership or líen on the company, or its operation by any foreign national or company.

3. It’s workforce must be 80% regular. Programs it produces itself or its subsidiaries or connected to it must also be regular or subject to the same conditions.

4. It should be 60% publicly owned but restricted to Filipino nationals. In no case can one family or corporation can own directly or indirectly more than 5% of it or be represented by more than one director on the board. 😅 😅

5. It must have an internal public affairs ombudsman that will process all complaints for political bias including airtime during elections.

6. A strict policy against its talents, workers and executives for making derogatory comments for or against public figures without evidence. Including in their personal capacities.

7. It will not be allowed to exceed its franchise through corporate schemes, technology or similar dodges. Each particular business activity must apply for a seperate franchise regardless of mode of reaching the public.

8. Government or GOCC must be allowed to own at least 10% of it and sit on the board.

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Source: Darwin Canete

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