If he was member of the Presidential Election Tribunal, Jay Sonza says he would not also agree with Caguiao Report and look like a fool? Read why!

What would you do if you were a member of the Presidential Election Tribunal as one of the presiding SC Justices of Marcos vs Robredo election protest?

Well, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza has taken to Facebook to talk what he would do if he was a member of the PET.

Sonza remarked he would not concur with the Caguioa Report because he does not want to look like a fool and a clown in the eyes of the public.

  1. it was very obvious that the Caguiao Report tried to do a cover-up the election fraud in Camarines Sur.
  2. The Caguiao Report did not match the results of the counting of the Smartmatic machines with the revisors.
  3. Turned out the number of total votes during the manual counting is greater than what was recorded by the Smartmatic machines. (For example, the machine says 240 voted but the Caguiao Report says 265 voted.)

Sonza added he would not agree with Pareng Ben’s report (Caguiao) recommending the dismissal of the third course of action because it was clear the PET concurred with it and accepted the case by asking the petitioner for the appropriate tribunal fees.

On top of that, when the first course of action was dismissed, the PET clearly stated that the second course and third course of actions will proceed.

Sonza said insisting on adhering to Rule 65 alone is not acceptable since there are 70 rules or guidelines of the PET that covers the prayer of the petitioner.

Sonza said doing so is no different to a priest or a pastor reading a passage of the bible that stops reading at the comma, not at the period to explain the teachings of the bible.

In other words, agreeing with the ponencia or the Caguiao Report and Tony Carpio would be making a mockery of Sonza as a decent Magistrate and the PET itself. In addition, concurring with the Caguiao Report is defining a misplaced precedent and biblical jurisprudence for generations to follow.

Sonza ended the FB post by clarifying he meant no disrespect to the members of the PET and he is just a mere farmer, a senior citizen, a retired respected and multi-awarded newscaster.

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