If you are of good moral and a God-fearing woman, you won’t succumbed to #frailtiesofawoman — netizen

If you are of good moral and a God-fearing woman, you won’t succumbed to #frailtiesofawoman ek ek…in short, malandi ka De5!

The statement above is the general sentiment of the general public in response to the admission of Senator de Lima that indeed she had an immoral relationship with her driver.

Meanwhile,  Dela Salle University political science professor Dr. Antonio Contreras accused Senator de Lima of bundling every woman into a slave of her libido after invoking the frailties of a woman in defense of her relation with the subordinate driver.

Leila de Lima has blindsided her feminist supporters on this #frailtiesofawoman line. She has unfairly turned #everywoman into a slave of her libido even if she ends up hurting another woman, the legal wife. Asan ang #everywoman dyan?

Dr. Contreras believes that the so-called sexual feminists are enraged with de Lima’s  #frailtiesofawoman line of defense in justifying her immoral action.

Meanwhile, sexual agency feminists who celebrate strong and sexually empowered women must be so offended that her #frailtiesofawoman line went back to the stereotype of women not being in control of their bodies and sexuality.

Dr. Contreras thinks de Lima’s dilemma is that he exercises no control over her. 

To think that her lover was even her subordinate driver who exercised no power over her.

He ended his post with the “I told you so” line.

Well, that’s what you get when you allow yourself to be used.

De Lima’s “frailties of a woman” statement has become a byword in social media and has become the butt of jokes among netizens.

Blogger Sass Rogando wasted no time to poke fun at de Lima and read…

Duterte looking at Leni’s TUHOD = sexism.
De Lima fucking her SUBORDINATE, her MARRIED SUBORDINATE = frailties of a woman.

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