Incoming DA chief bares plan on tackling the country’s food problem; admits getting inspiration from Duterte

A post of the incoming DA chief revealing his people-based plan on tackling the food problem in the country has been doing the rounds online.

Credits Manny Pinol for the photoCredits Manny Pinol for the photo

In a Facebook post shared more than 400 times as of Thursday morning, the incoming Secretary of the Department of Agriculture Manny Pinol made known of his plan on how to feed the 105 million Filipinos in the next 6 years as the head of an important government agency.

In the post, Governor Manny Pinol wrote that his plan as the top farmer in the country is taken from the page of Mayor Duterte’s speech during the Food Security Forum held in Davao City on April 21, 2016. Here’s the excerpt of the Duterte speech:

My governance will be very simple. It will revolve around the well-being of the Filipino people. I will ask them “Nakakain na ba kayo?,” “Nakapagpagamot ba kayo?,” “Nakapag-aral ba ang mga anak ninyo?,” “Wala na ba kayong takot?”

To get the feel of his job before assuming his post as the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Manny Pinol has embarked on a journey he called “Biyaheng Bukid” to visit far-flung areas and complete his travel before Mayor Rody Duterte assumes the Presidency on June 30.

The tour involves talking to the farmers and fishermen involve in food production.

In short, the incoming DA Chief wants to immerse himself with the problems confronting our food producers so that he can better help them in the next 6 years.

Check out the FULL TEXT of his post below:

Biyaheng Bukid



Of all the speeches delivered by President-elect Rody Duterte, I was most inspired by his message to the participants of the Food Security Forum which I organized April 21 in Davao City.

“My governance will be very simple. It will revolve around the well-being of the Filipino people. I will ask them “Nakakain na ba kayo?,” “Nakapagpagamot ba kayo?,” “Nakapag-aral ba ang mga anak ninyo?,” “Wala na ba kayoing takot?,” he said.

I was endlessly inspired by that statement because I have long believed that governance is all about people.

Identify the problems confronting your people, find solutions to their problems and implement those solutions to improve their lives. These are the basic governance rules which I follow.

Yesterday, I started a journey I call “Biyaheng Bukid” which I hope would bring me to all the remote areas of the country heretofore unreached by other national government officials and I wish to complete this before Rody Duterte assumes the Presidency on June 30.

There’s just the three of us now – a driver and an aide who will document the journey. On Saturday, I will be joined in Abuyog, Leyte by my brothers, Ferdinand and Pat, and we will move northwards.

I would like to talk to the farmers, the fisherfolks and all those who will be involved in food production.

I would like to see the countryside for myself so that I would have a deeper understanding of what needs to be done when I start working as Secretary of Agriculture.

This was the same thing which I did when I was Governor of North Cotabato. I carried my tent and spent the nights in the remote villages of my province to talk to ordinary people.

My conversations with them helped me design programs which reduced poverty in my province from 56.2% in 1998 to only 29% when I left office in 2007.
The Biyaheng Bukid will be more challenging because of the breadth and width of this archipelagic country.

All the things that I will learn from this journey, I will present to President Rody Duterte so that he too would have a clear understanding of what people in the countryside who fought for him and worked for his victory expect from his Presidency.
This early, I would like to extend my apologies to my politician friends who may be offended if they would know that I visited their areas without informing them.

Please understand that as of today, I am still a private citizen. I consider myself just an inquisitive journalist trying to find answers to the question why this country and its people are still poor in spite of the richness of the land, the waters and seas and the natural resources.
When I am able to find the answers, I will present to President Duterte my recommended solutions which I know he will implement.

(First photo shows the parched rain-fed rice fields in Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur; Maranao farmers drying corn along the highway in Malabang, Lanao del Sur; a heap of dehusked nuts in Sultan Naga Dimaporo, Lanao del Sur and workers of a water reservoir in Baclay, Tukuran, ZDS. Photos by John Pagaduan.)

SOURCE: Governor Manny Pinol

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