Inspiring! These guys flew all the way from Japan to help victims of NIA Road fire that rendered hundreds homeless, penniless

Mocha Uson interviewed a Japanese volunteer who speaks good English after learning that a group of Japanese volunteers flew all the way from Japan to help the victims of the recent fire in QC.

In case you’ve missed it, a big fire burned down several houses in NIA Road in Quezon City on December, 27, 2016, rendering several families homeless.

The Japanese national told Mocha Uson that they originally flew all the way from Japan to see poor kids in the Philippines and extend help.

He said they already visited a couple of orphanage homes three days after arriving Manila.

When they heard about Duterte’s Kitchen and the fire victims in Quezon City, they wanted to check it out and see what they can do.

The interview started on a serious note. However, when Mocha Uson asked the name of the Japanese volunteer, that’s when the two broke into a big laugh after realizing that their names reminds them of Starbucks. Please watch the video below to understand what I am talking about.

For the benefit of free data users, the Japanese volunteer is named Choco.

While sharing a good laugh, Mocha noticed that Choco is wearing a Duterte baller on his right wrist. Choco nodded his head, acknowledging Mocha’s observation.

At this juncture, Mocha Uson asked Choco if he is ready to get down and dirty, he said, “yes” and started helping distribute pasta to the fire victims.

Towards the end of the video, Mocha asked Choco to say a message to his Japanese countrymen back home, he obliged and delivered the message in English.

Mocha asked him to deliver the message in Nippongo, Choco said “no problem” and delivered a longer one for his countrymen asking them to help the fire victims.

Filipinos have nothing but kind words for Choco and his friends for helping the poor kids and volunteering for the Duterte’s Kitchen.

Jojo Cornelius wrote:  Thank you Choco, for helping the kids also I thank you to mocha to keep us updated about what’s going on and the Philippines. Watching from Maryland. God Bless you all.

Gary Bautista Quitoviera wrote: Thank you very much Mr Choco! Thank you for volunteering and inspiring others to do the same. God bless you.

Meanwhile, some netizens used this opportunity to take a swipe at Duterte’s critics and VP Robredo…

Elvin Lamis Alejo  wrote: Office of VP wow ha di hnd n nmn mkakarating yan sa nanganngailangan ng tulong yes to duterte kitchen. 

Alquinto Alquin wrote: Iyan ang hindi kayang gawin ng CBCP, ang alam nila mag-organise ng mga OUST Rally sa Working President ever….at pati mga musmos na mga bata ginagamit…..Hoy Mahiya naman kayo kahit Konti Lang…..nasanay kayo ng puros libre at bigay sa inyo.

Lou de los Reyes II wrote: Kakainspire. Ganito sana isipin ng mga dilawan. Para mas mapadali ang pag unlad ng bansa natin. Magtulungan para sa ikakaunlad ng nating bansa.


Buti pa ang ibang lahi tumutulong pero ang bleeding hearts ngawa lang ng ngawa. Panay plano pa para pabagsakin ang bansa. Haaaay naku.


Posted by MOCHA USON BLOG on Friday, December 30, 2016


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