International expert’s revelation on Amal Clooney spawns hilarious but some serious speculations vs. George’s wife!

The news of Amal Clooney, wife of Hollywood actor George Clooney, representing Rappler’s Maria Ressa in her tax-evasion case in the PH has been a shocker to many Filipinos.

Like many Pinoy Facebook netizens, I can’t help but asks why would a popular human rights lawyer and a very rich lawyer at that would even consider representing someone like Maria Ressa, a journalist from a 3rd world country who is facing tax woes?

Well, thanks to the recent Facebook post of international relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot!

In the Facebook post, Sasot gave Pinoy Facebook netizens a short but informative background of Amal Clooney. For example. Did you know that Amal Clooney Clooney was Wikileaks founder Assange’s lawyer? yes, that’s correct.

On that note, Sasot told Pinoy Facebook netizens to figure what is Amal Clooney is up to by taking the cudgels for Maria Ressa.

Currently, she is UK government’s Special Envoy on Media Freedom.

In the same FB post, Sasot lamented Amal Clooney has been mysteriously silent on Julian Assange’s case while she’s busy or noisy on Maria Ressa’s case who is charged of tax evasion, not incarcerated but freely moving around the world complaining her freedom has been curtailed.

You may read Sass Sasot’s full FB post below.

Why is Amal Clooney noisy about Maria Ressa who is free to travel, write whatever she wants against the Philippine government, and speak in any forum she chooses about how her “freedom” is being oppressed in the Philippines WHILE silent about the incarceration of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in the UK?

Amal was recently appointed by the UK government as its “Special Envoy on Media Freedom.”

Ressa is facing a tax evasion case, violation of anti-dummy law, and a cyberlibel complaint from a private citizen. Assange is facing the wrath of the United States.

Go figure.

Check out the intriguing comments of netizens below on Amal Clooney.

Karen Lappay From a good friend and source of mine who knew Amal very well (plus her mom), this gal really loves the spotlight and fame too much.

Anson Cotoco to be relevant and to stir trouble, continuous exposure is a must. then dictate the story line.

Mary Tan Grant Amal can’t fight against US,this is diversion tactic for Amal.Amal should defend Assange,that is her specialty Human Rights .Let see how good is Amal as Ressa ‘s lawyer.Maybe it all international publicity.

Abby Gail Cheong She’s a puppet of the elite. She’ll do whatever they tell her to do.

Dean B. Villacorte Alam na this, they leveled up the ouster plot of PRD, but they will never succeed because he have 80% trust of the people.

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