International relations expert schools Sen. Ping Lacson on parliamentary system re new Constitution

Now I am starting to see a pattern here.

All the Manila-based senators are the only ones making adverse reactions to the new Constitution being prepared by a commission tasked by PRRD.

Fear mongering remarks from senators and their supporters are the standard like the new constitution will benefit President Duterte blah, blah and so on and so forth to galvanize public support against it.

It’s because the new constitution will select senators by federal state and many of these Manila-based senators would be hard-pressed to win a senate seat since most of them have alienated their province mates by leaving their province and calling Manila as their home base.

Anyway, here’s the new one from Sen. Lacson – the new constitution particularly the Federal-parliamentary form of government “can also promote the politics of patronage and dole-out. The one who can master this kind of politics stays in power regardless of immoral leadership and incompetence.”

On that note, pro-Duterte blogger and international relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot did not want to pass up opportunity to highlight the senator’s ignorance about parliamentary system via an open letter addressed to the senator from Cavite.

Read the full text of Sasot’s post below.

Dear Senator Ping Lacson,

But that evil you are pointing out is more endemic in non-parliamentary systems. Patronage politics is more associated with PERSONALITY-based system rather than policy-based systems. A political party in a parliamentary system will get re-elected as long as they deliver on their policy promises. That political party cannot have people leading their parties who cannot deliver on those promises. As simple as that.

Meanwhile, can you argue that the benefit of parliamentary system that Orion Perez D can be also observed in our current system?

So in short,

The evil you pointed out can be seen in both systems, but less so in a parliamentary system, but the good Orion identified can be more observed in a parliamentary system than in a presidential one.

So saan tayo?

Senator Lacson’s poor insight of the parliamentary system of government made him the object of contempt and ridicule as shown in the comments below.

Philip Neri Espinosa

“Sa daming alam ni ping eto di nya alam.. He is part of the old system we want to shed ourselves from.. Sama nya si Poe trapo”

Lounus Onalosce

“ito ang bugok na utak hindi sila gusto ng federalism at parliamentary governmment kasi hindi na sila mka pagkurap ng pera”

Zenaida Natividad Walton

“I think Ping Lacson is talking more about of our current system. Senator Ping Lacson should read more about Parkiamentary system.”

Julius Bacsa Briosos

“Dole-out??? Patronage??? Ahhhmm, if You recall this has been going on in PH politics for decades! Anong sinasabi mo?? Yun DAP/PDAF/Pork Barrel those are all evidences of what you are going up against…”

Emman Nuel

“eto ang naging pnp chief na walang BAYAG. ano ba nagawa nito kupal na ito lalo na sa cavite lugar ng mga drug lords na hindi naman nya nasawata. Sa sarili mo nga lugar wala nga naniwala sayo hayop ka….Puro ka lng daldal oero you are just a fuckin bitch you MORON. wala naman ito pinagkaiba kay trilliling sundalong kanin puro pansarili agenda lng ang gimik. Garbage Politician.”

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