International relations grad shares in-depth analysis of Leni Robredo double lies & denial re Reuters statement, bares wisdom behind Leni’s latest grandstanding

International Relations graduate and Facebook political blogger Jun Avelino has written an article on Facebook titled “VP Leni Robredo’s Double Lies and Denial; an Insult to the Filipino People”.

A quick glance of the title tells us that Jun Avelino talks about the recent controversy involving the Vice President where she told Reuters that she wanted Duterte to halt the drug war because it has been a failure but after she was heavily criticized by 82% of the public, Robredo denied she said those lines.

Avelino remarked that Robredo’s denial could only mean one thing, one of them is lying. In case you missed it, Reuters already a statement standing by its news article.

Avelino said that since Robredo did not bother to correct Reuters on its supposed erroneous presentation of her statements, the only logical conclusion is that our Vice President was lying through her teeth.

Avelino stated that Robredo lied twice. First, she lied during the interview on the status of the drug war of the President which she claimed to be a failure and then lied again by telling the public that she did not say so despite the glaring evidence disputing her denial claim.

Avelino declared that such lies of the VP constitute a grave disrespect and insult to the intelligence of the Filipino people and her insistence of her account is a perpetual insult and disrespect to the Filipino people’s intellect.

Worse, Avelino said Robredo did not even bother calling attention of the local media for parroting her Reuters-bannered lines of lies every day for public to see. If Robredo denied its she could have admonished local media to rectify the misrepresentation of her statements. Instead, Robredo went on an interview telling the public she did not say such things and excepting the public to swallow her statement hook, like and sinker.

An annoyed Avelino could only shake his head in frustration for Robredo to think that Filipinos are that stupid which Avelino said isn’t the case but the other way around.

But here’s the intriguing part!

Avelino suspected that despite knowing the repercussion or the backlash from the people who supported Duterte’s anti-illegal dr^gs campaign, Robredo still said that Duterte’s w@r on dr^gs was a failure, hence the need to stop it. Do you want to ask why?

Avelino said he knew the wisdom behind this latest grandstanding by the VP.

Avelino urged the public to look at it from the perspective of the upcoming Presidential elections of which she has been groomed by the political opposition to challenge whoever will be anointed by Digong to succeed him in Malacanang.

In short, the VP’s statement re Duterte’s failed w@r on dr^gs was a calibrated move designed to send a message across the globe to her global audience and supporters like EU, UN, ICC, and individual patrons and fund raisers etc. is that the President’s drug war program is a failure and that she is challenging the President on this front by asking him to stop, thereby injecting one serious black propaganda claiming that the drug war only victimizes the poor.

Ergo, Robredo is trying to project a palatable image of herself with Digong being pictured as the villain in this story before the global stage.

Avelino predicted a new round of intensified attacks coming from abroad, especially after the President secured the support of the country’s super power allies like China, Japan, Russia and the US.

Avelino accused Robredo of capitalizing on her position as VP to destroy every effort the government has exerted to end the drug menace in the country before the eyes of the world.

Meanwhile, according to Avelino, Robredo’s controversial statement was meant to court the votes and the support of the families of the seven million illegal dr^g users and their families by projecting herself as the champion of the human rights of this sector and at the same time collaring the financial support from the people engaged in the illegal trade to finance her 2022 Presidential bid.

Avelino remarked that Robredo’s camp was well aware that Duterte’s anti-narcotics drug campaign has the support of majority of Filipinos but still, out of desperation they walked down that path, thinking and hoping it will improve her chance of winning in the upcoming elections. This recent posturing of Robredo against the drug war program of the government is logically part and parcel of such political strategy no matter how demonic it maybe.

Avelino warned the public not to take lightly VP Robredo’s posturing as mere lies and denials. The malicious agenda embedded on those lies and denials are scary and more threatening to the well-being of our country. She may have the best intentions on what she mouthed but her camp may be hatching a different plot just for her to win.

Avelino stated that based on Robredo’s political posturing, she wants the 2022 elections to be a fight between her and the anointed one from the administration. That being said, the fight will be between drug lords and pushers combined hiding behind the façade of Robredo’s face and the Duterte anointed candidate who will pursue his anti-drug war campaign.

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Source: Jun Avelino

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