“Inuubos niyo ung healthcare worker sa pagiging sinungaling niyo. Nakakainis.” — Doctor in frontline slams dishonesty of Filipino patients

A doctor who works in the frontline in the war versus covid-19 has taken to Facebook airing one’s gripes versus Filipino patients.

In a Facebook post, Dr. Gino Natividad, a father, a son and a husband to a beautiful doctor said he is a frontliner and loves his job but for the first time, he feels sad and scared for his family for being a doctor.

“I’m a father of 2 cute little boys, Im a son of 2 elderly with comorbidities (sorry elderly tlga hahaha), Im a husband of a beautiful doctor, and Im a doctor myself. Im a frontliner! I love what Im doing. Pero ngaun lng ako nalungkot at natatakot para sa kanila sa pagiging doctor ko.”

At that time when Dr. Natividad was writing the FB post, his work shift would end in 6 hours. But one could sense he had mixed emotions because the covid-19 virus was spoiling the excitement of going home for fear of exposing his kids to the virus. Although Dr. Natividad is obviously doing his best to give a sense of normalcy at home like playing with the kids but taking extra precautions like wearing a mask. He wondered until when he could play with his kids since the supply of mask and alcohol to disinfect are apparently not limitless because Filipinos are hoarding these items, denying doctors and healthcare workers working in the frontline the items necessary to keep them safe. He said it is not possible to stop because they need to make a stand.

6hours na lang matatapos na shift ko..
I usually hug and kiss my sons when I get home. They will shout “Dada!” With pure innocent smiling faces. Ngaun hindi na pwede. kasi may risk of exposure ako. Ligo muna, then sterlize, then mask ulit. Hindi ko alm kung pwede ba ung ginagawa ko na I still play with them na nakamask nmn. Tpos ung alcohol ko hindi ko alam kung hanggang kelan tatagal kasi may naghoarding. Ung mask limited n lng din. Hindi naman pwede huminto kasi kelangan manindigan.

Dr. Natividad figured that not reporting for hospital duties isn’t an option because that would make his doctor colleagues pitiful. Everyone must make personal sacrifices. He urged Filipinos to do their part.

“Hindi rin pwedeng hindi n lng pumasok sa trabaho kasi kawawa ung mga kasama ko. Kanya kanyang sacrifice. Pls do your part.”

Dr. Natividad slammed patients who are not honest about their exposure or travel history because it expose the staffs. This dishonest behavior of Filipinos is k!lling the healthcare workers. Annoying he said. They asks the travel history of patients in a nice way but they get shouted at in response.

“May mga patient pa na ayaw umamin na may exposure or travel history. Naeexpose ung staff. Inuubos niyo ung healthcare worker sa pagiging sinungaling niyo. Nakakainis. Maayos kaming nagtatanong ng history tpos may iba pa dyan sisigawan ka pa. Hayyyy..”

Dr. Natividad ended the Fb post with the ff. hashtags below: #UMAYOSkayo #beHONEST #STAYatHOME #RESPECT #SocialResponsibility

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Source: Gino Natividad

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