Irate Lawyer to Karen Davila: ‘Ikaw na ba ang Pangulo, para magsabi kung ano ang pwede at hindi pwede?’

Our favorite lawyer and blogger Atty.Nick Nañgit is once again on the warpath, this time against ANC Headstart host Karen Davila.

Atty. Nick of the FB page Nick Nañgit – NCN Law can’t contain himself from sheer exasperation while reading Davila’s tweet telling President Duterte he can’t do this and that, can’t mention names of a senator or a private company in his SONA.

According to Davila, the President’s SONA is talking about the state of the country, where we are, the direction we are going, not about personal vendettas or feelings. Ms. Davila preached about providing inspiration to the Filipinos because many are hungry and jobless.

Atty. Nick opened the post by giving Ms. Davila a holler to get her attention and addressing her “fool”. ‘Hoy, D3vila T0nt@, makinig ka!’

In an angry tone, Atty. Nick remarked that if Ms. Davila says that President Duterte cannot name a senator or a private company in the opening of the SONA, which part of the speech President Duterte can mention the name of a senator and private company? Towards the end of the speech? Atty. Nick demanded an answer from Ms. Davila.

Next, Atty. Nick asked Ms. Davila if what President Duterte presented in yesterday’s SONA wasn’t the state of the nation or SONA, then what was it? He can’t help but ask if Ms. Davila really paid attention to the SONA or was busy fixing the line of her eyebrow which he noted changes every episode as a blogger?

Did Ms. Davila look for inspiration? Atty. Nick asked Ms. Davila to produce the manual or book which states or tell the public the contents of a SONA? An indignant Atty. Nick asked Ms. Davila if she’s the President now, to earn the right to say what is acceptable or not? In a sarcastic tone, Atty. Nick said he expressed awe how ambitious Karen Davila is! Said he was not inform. He joked that in any case, perhaps Ms. Davila is the President of the Twitter nation 😂🤣😝.

Source: Nick Nañgit – NCN Law

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