Is this Elizabeth Oropesa’s sublime response to Duterte critics who ridiculed him for the “God talked to me on the plane” statement?

When President Duterte told the public on live TV that he will stop cussing after God talked to him, the announcement has been met with ridicule by critics.

Cynthia Patag in particular, the retired actress squeezed every juice of publicity from the president’s announcement to give the impression to the public that Duterte is losing his marbles.

CNN, BBC crawler: “Philippine President Duterte promises to stop cursing after God spoke to him on the plane.” Now the whole world knows.

Worse, the actress insinuated that President Duterte is suffering from mental illness…

When we talk to God, it is prayer. 😇
When God talks to us, it is schizophrenia. 😜

The insult and ridicule heaped on Duterte for telling the public that God talked to him about cussing did not only come from the actress, but also from her fellow LP supporters.

“Sana ipamahagi naman ni Duterte sa buong Pilipinas yung kung ano mang droga ang dinudurog nya ng lahat naman ng mga Pilipino maka usap ang Dyos.” ~ Joey Calleja 😂

Not to be outdone, the mainstream media have blown the “God talked to me” issue out of epic proportion that even political science professor Dr. Antonio Contreras couldn’t help but noticed. Read original post here.

Dr. Antonio of De La Salle University Contreras slams mainstream media for their selective type of journalism and quote:

“Mainstream media has made an issue of President Duterte hearing an imaginary voice. And yet not too long ago, it never even said a word on PNoy’s imaginary friend.

Obviously there is selectivity in trying to make other people’s idiosyncrasies look bad, when all of us have our own and that does not necessarily make us insane or not normal.”

But the best response, although not implied IMO, to the critics of President Duterte like Cynthia Patag and her followers comes from Jacqueline Elizabeth Freeman also known as Elizabeth Oropesa who posted a sublime and yet meaningful retort to Duterte’s critics lately.

6:00 AM. Good morning my God the Father in heaven! I’m on my way home. Katatapos ko lang mag shoot. Thank you for assuring me, I would be alright. Thank you for TALKING to me. Good morning everybody! I love you all! 💖 Italics are mine for emphasis!

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