Itching to see Robredo & Hontiveros go to jail for sedition? Manila Bulletin suggest going after Trillanes and Alejano first. Read why!

Are you itching to see Robredo and Hontiveros go to jail for sedition raps?

Not so fast says Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu.

In a Facebook post, Chu suggested picking up Trillanes and Alejano first and send them to jail before everyone else makes more sense.

Chu remarked that going after Robredo, Hontiveros and DeLima now is bad optics and the opposition could weaponized it and paint Duterte as anti-women.

Chu clarified that even if the Duterte government ignores her suggestion, PRRD will survive the bad optics, as he has always been as shown by the 85& trust rating of PRRD despite the endless black propaganda from his critics.

In fact, Chu relished the idea of the foreign press descending upon the shores to cover the story of the opposition critics going to jail for sedition because it will rouse them to the realization how hated the opposition is while ordinary Filipinos explain passionately to the foreign press the ills of this country and how these people have caused them.

You may read Krizette Chu’s full FB post now.

The government can pick up Leni Robredo, Risa Hontiveros, and their merry band of destabilizers, and throw them in jail, and their supporters still do not have enough numbers to fill EDSA.

If international media comes and sees their pathetic protest (oh please compare the swell of HK protest, a country whose population number 7 million–NOT EVEN METRO MANILA’s population) they will realize just how hated the Opposition in the country is.

Yes, the danger is only in the badĀ optics because it will seem that Duterte jails “women,” but Duterte has been battling bad optics since the beginning, and they’ve done nothing significant to his image in the domestic front.

But we’re itching for something to happen, so I suggest jail Antonio Trillanes first. Then let’s go for the ballroom dancing Alejo. Then let’s work our way down.

Let’s leave Leni quaking in her Ferragamos while she sees her colleagues dropping like flies around her.

Leila, however,let’s ensure that she rots in jail forever.

This is what happens when you’re hated by most of the country, no one will go out in the streets for you.

And then the world will find out why when they bother to come (and they will because a jailed VP and Senator is big story), arriving with their righteous sneers and their know it all attitudes.

And then they’ll be stumped when Manong Taxi Driver or Aling Tindera or Lolong Lawyer or Ate Nurse or Butangerang Professor explain passionately to them the ills of this country and how these people have caused them.

We will be happy to share our testimonies.

Let the world come and see this country and its people protecting the President.

85 percent of us. SUBUKAN NYO NA KASI.

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