Janno Gibb’s daughter blasts war on drugs critics: “They clearly don’t interact with the poor!”

Fashion Pulis took notice and published the interesting conversation between Janno Gibbs and his daughter on Facebook regarding the huge impact of Duterte’s war on drugs in their country.

Chi Loyzaga Gibbs, Janno and Bing’s daughter shared the CNN video of Allan Peter Cayetano wherein the senator spoke about the new norm in the country, especially in the war on drugs before de Lima officially opened the senate hearing on extra-judicial killings.

Janno Gibbs’ daughter blasts the critics of the anti-drug war campaign of Duterte on Facebook recently. And surprisingly, the father does agrees with the views of Chi.

She wrote a short description before sharing the video expressing her sentiment.

In the description, Chi Loyzaga Gibbs accused the critics of Duterte’s war on drugs as the kind of people pretending to be speaking on behalf of the poor but the truth is, they don’t interact with the poor.

Janno Gibbs, the father, joined in the conversation and agrees with the sentiment of her daughter but with reservation. Below is the flow of the repartee between the father and daughter.

Janno Gibbs I agree! But..all im asking for is that for the Few..or exceptions to the rule..na napapatay ng hindi naman talaga lumaban sa pulis..Konting concern at sympathy naman from Duterte and his govt. Dont just shrugg it off like..”Eh ganun e”

Chi Loyzaga Gibbs: I get you and I have the same sentiments. I’m just speaking towards those that are totally discrediting the administration. Yung mga feeling alam lahat. But I agree with you!

Janno Gibbs: Youre so right!:)

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Source: Chi Loyzaga Gibbs

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Posted by CNN Philippines on Sunday, August 21, 2016


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