Jim Paredes got his a$s whoop by a journalist after scolding Duterte on Twitter

This is not going to be the last and Jim Paredes will get his a$$ whoop on social media from people who loves Duterte every time he attacks him.

Below is Jim’s tweet defending former Colombian President after Duterte called the latter idiot for lecturing him on his conduct of the war on drugs in the Philippines.

Journalist Ira Panganiban took to Facebook destroying the points raised by the former Apo Hiking Society member with so much flair that social media had a blast reading the rebuttal.

I’ll make upak lang Yellow Troll Jim Paredes ha!!!

First Dear Jim, it was not Gaviria who caught Escobar, CIA yun darling!!!

Second, Peter Lim made takas when PDuts made buking his operations my lovely boy Jim!

Third, Jim sweetheart, Peter Lim made bida his drug operations during the time of your President Noynoy Aquino.

So, my wonderful Jimmy Boy, if you make gamit your almost brand new kokote, seldom used but full of it, then you will make kita that Peter Lim is namayagapag with his drug operations during the last administration and ran for his life during this administration.

Is that linaw enough for you my darling Jim???

Ira Panganiban’s post has gathered 887 shares on Facebook, 4,966 reactions and 298 comments on Facebook and counting.

Netizens like how Ira Panganiban presented his rebuttal and they picked up where Ira left off by poking fun at Jim Paredes IQ in the comments section.

“Sir Ira maybe Jim should bili tingi of brain cells sa 7-11,” Carlos Magallanes wrote.

“Verified nman po ung source na gamit ni Jim Paredes.. Wiki nga lang po lol,” Francis Manapat Co commented.

“Don’t make bigay your brain cells to jim, baka his other brain cells will explode,” Frank Ilacio joined the Jim’s bash party.

“If jims brain be sold as surplus, it will come at an expensive price coz its ‘slightly used’,” Hank Lastimosa said.

“When Jim Paredes is the most stupid person who claimed he knows everything.. ulol,” Ace T Val II commented.

Your hugot lines, please! See ya in the comment’s section.


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