Jobless, penniless and refuses to accept money from dishonest work, this father walks home for 6 days to Isabela. Watch!

In today’s materialistic society, it’s rare to see people who strives to live up to their principles no matter what, even it means certain death or experience suffering.

The story of Virgilio Culibao clearly illustrates my point.

According to ABS-CBN News, Virgilio was laid off from his job as a construction worker in Valenzuela.

He wanted to go home and rejoin his family in Isabela but he had no money. So he decided to go home in Isabela by walking. Yes, by walking home.

To reach Isabela, Virgilio needs to walk almost 400 kilometers from Valenzuela.

Someone told him to sell his push cart. He thought if no one would want to buy it, he would dismantle it and use the salvage materials to fix his home.

May nagsasabi sa akin ibenta na lang ang kariton yung ang inisip nila. Eh kako kung walang bibili diyan, kakalasin ko na lang para ipagawa sa bahay. Eh nandito ang pamilya ko eh sa Isabela.

Along the way, he experienced hardships along his journey to Isabela.

To feed his hungry stomach, Virgilio scavenged for garbage and sold it to junk shops to buy food.

He was bumped by a vehicle and had to push his cart on that steep & mountainous road in Sta Fe, Nueva Vizcaya until God sent a ‘samaritan’ took interest to help him.

The good samaritan bought him food and later posted his story on Facebook.

Virgilio’s story was picked by a Nueva Ecija rider group.

Larry Farinas, a member of the motorcycle group from Nueva Ecija talked to the ABS-CBN reporter about how they’ve heard about Virgilio.

“Isang rider sa R2RM, nakita nya sa Carranglan (Nueva Ecija), pinakain nya sa Carranglan, pagkatapos,pinost nya sa Facebook. Pagkatapos, hinanap na namin nun. (A rider from R2RM group saw him in Carranglan; he feed him in Carranglan, then posted it on Facebook. After that, we look for him.)”

When Virgilio reached Solana (Nueva Vizcaya) a group of motorcycle riders in pickup truck waited for him and gave him a ride to Isabela.

From Valenzuela to Solano Nueva Vizcaya, Virgilio walked a total of 280 kilometers.

Virgilio said he won’t go back to Manila and would rather stay in Isabela with his family.

According to Rain Catindig, Virgilio Culibao refused to received money from dishonest work. He would rather take the long route because his conscience refused to steal.

Video courtesy of ABS-CBN News

Matapos mawalan ng trabaho sa Maynila, napilitang maglakad ng 6 na araw ang isang ama para lamang makauwi sa kanyang pamilya sa Isabela.

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