Journalist accuses Duterte’s top communications guy of using a fake photo in viral post

Tit for tat! A journalist slams Duterte followers and President’s top communication guy for using “fake” photo in aid of chastising Duterte’s critics.

Journalist Froilan Gallardo condemned Peter Tiu Lavina, Duterte’s top communication guy after the former discovered that the photo used by the latter in rallying the netizens in admonishing the CHR, the Church, yellowtards and the “presstitutes” is fake!

Mr. Froilan Gallardo made the expose on Facebook today, August 29, 2016.


Followers of President Duterte and even one of his top communications guy used this photo to emphasize the need to combat illegal drugs in the country. As usual, They chastised the CHR, the Church, yellowtards and the “presstitutes” .

Everything looks perfect except for one thing. This pictures is not from the Philippines. This is a news photo of a murdered rape victim from SOUTH AMERICA. browse this link

Pictures don’t lie but propagandists distort the captions to satisfy their goals. No wonder the intelligence budget of President Duterte is tripled: he needs to buy more for his staff.

On August 27, President Duterte’s top communication guy during the presidential campaign of Mayor Duterte, posted the photo of a rape victim allegedly killed by her assailant that went viral. Check out the post here.

The controversial post hit the right buttons and angered the netizens who saw it on their Facebook feeds.

The post generated more than 4,900 shares on Facebook, evoked thousands of sad and angry emojis from netizens, two days since it first went online.

Dr. Antonio Contreras, a Duterte supporter and a critic at the same time criticize the close adviser of the President for posting an unverified fact in the name of attacking Duterte’s critics.

I am tolerant of trolling. I can just ignore them. After all, being called an idiot and stupid doesn’t make me one.

But posting lies and unverified facts, such as this, and no less than by one of the close advisers of the President, is something I do not tolerate, nor condone.

Dr. Contreras ended his post with the hashtag #NoPlaceForLies for emphasis!

Source: Froilan Gallardo and Dr. Antonio Contreras

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