Journalist’s challenge to Robredo and Marcos: “Ask for a recount. Demand that they clean up the canvassing”

A post talking about the importance of coming clean in this election and learn from the lessons of PGMA has been making the rounds online.

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In a Facebook post shared more than 450 times as of Sunday morning, journalist Ira Panganiban and Editor in Chief of Wheels Philippines Magazine encourage the candidates who benefitted from the alleged cheating in the 2016 election to come clean and take the high road, demand that the integrity of the Filipino votes is protected at all cost even if it means asking for a manual recount.

In the post, Mr. Ira Panganiban cited the example of the fruits of cheating involving former President Gloria Arroyo.

He said that “even if she had the best economic resurgence plan for the country, all her other policies involving political decisions were shot. Why? Because she had to pay for her crime of cheating the 2004 elections.”

Please READ the FULL text below to have a better appreciation of the argument raised by Mr. Panganiban.


Bakit pa pinagkakaguluhan yang Vice President canvassing na yan?
Eh may sure winner President na tayo diba???
Dapat okay na tayo!!!! Ano pa ngakngak ninyo????
Gusto ninyo ng sagot ko??? Baka magalit na naman kayo sa katotohanan!!!
Ang sagot ko…..dahil ang daya ay daya. Cheating is cheating and no amount of sugarcoating will change that!!!

The biggest example of the fruits of cheating was during the time of Gloria Arroyo.

Even if she had the best economic resurgence plan for the country, all her other policies involving political decisions were shot. Why? Because she had to pay for her crime of cheating the 2004 elections.
She had to put into power greedy and power hungry people who helped her cheat. She had to give way to businessmen and politicians who knew what she did.

In the end her guilt and her weakness landed her in jail and elected us Noynoy Aquino.

And that is the reason why everyone should come clean in this election. To put by the wayside all those corrupt political operators who take advantage of the greed of running politicos and cheat their way into winning.
It has to stop, this cheating voters out of their choice.

The Filipino people need to realize the fruit of their votes. It is the only way we will learn to vote the right people into power.

Kailangan yung binoboto ng taumbayan ang manalo para makita natin kung totoong matalino tayo pumili o talagang isang grupo tayo ng bobotante.

Para sa mga kandidato naman, kung sabi nga na ang tao ay likas na may buti ang kalooban, paano ninyo kinakaya na nananalo kayo sa daya???

If man inherently has good in him, how can you candidates live knowing you cheated???

Bongbong, Leni, Chiz, Alan, Gringo your battle cry now should not be about winning or losing. It should be about the integrity of the Filipino vote!!!

Dahil sino ang maysabi sa inyo na pag umaandar ang dayaan eh hindi nababago maski yung boto ninyo mismo???
You think those cheating election operators will bother to look at your name before changing your vote??? I don’t think so.

Leni Robredo, for you this is my plea. Ask for a recount. Demand that they clean up the canvassing.
If you lose, then you lose with dignity and may have a chance at 2022.

If you win, then nobody can question you victory and it, again, gives you a much higher chance in 2022.

Win with doubt today and your whole reign as Vice President will be in question. Just like GMA from 2004-2010!!!!

Think about this guys!!!


What are you thoughts on this?



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