Kind netizen shares plight of an old South Korean man collecting garbage in Palawan to survive

Every overseas Filipino worker (OFW) knows this – spending Christmas away from home and your loved ones is heartbreaking!

South Korean man living in destitute

Credits to Carmelita Salvador

So when I came upon the post shared by a netizen recently about a South Korean man, stranded not by choice but because of bad luck, I really feel for the man.

As a Filipino, I feel guilty for the action of our fellow Filipino. Hopefully, by sharing his story in the social media, I can at least do something to ease his pain.

The netizen named Carmelita Salvador said she posted the photo in the social media, hoping it might be of help to the cause of the old Korean guy and his fellow South Koreans will pick up where she left off. Of course, anyone can pitch in to bring him home.

The South Korean man who is already in his twilight years is roaming the streets of Aborlan, Palawan after hooking up with the wrong girl. The girl he met brought her to Palawan and ran away with his money as soon as they arrived.

Penniless, he collects garbage like plastic bottles and everything that he get his hands on and sells it to the junk shop to buy food.

The concerned netizen from Palawan posted his photo out of compassion and allow me to quote her, “I really felt pity for him.”

The name of the luckless South Korean man is Yoon Jaeho, more or less 70 years old and homeless in the Philippines.

The netizen narrated, she met Mr. Yoon Jaeho everyday when he came to her house asking for plastic bottles and soda cans.

Maam Carmelita encouraged the people who personally know Mr. Yoon Jaeho to send her a message in private for more details. She promised to reply right away.

Before she ended her post, she encouraged the netizens to share her post. This way she said, is just another way of helping the old man go home to his loved ones in South Korea.

Please do your share so that we can help this old man go home.

Source: Carmelita Salvador


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