Korina Sanchez’s photo using a pen to slice a pie draws flak from netizens

A photo of Korina Sanchez using a pen to slice a pie is doing the rounds online and netizens have a field day posting their reactions of the photo.

netizens react on Korinas photo

Credits to Korina Sanchez

In a Facebook post shared more than 850 times and counting as of Friday morning, the page Carolinian Meme published the innocent-looking photo 10 hours ago to the consternation and amusement of the netizens.

The caption that described the photo set the tone for the netizens and quote:

Di porket kumain ang asawa mo ng kanin sa baso eh maghihiwa ka na ng pie gamit ballpen. (Not because your husband eat out of the drinking glass gives you the license to slice a pie using a ballpen.

The photo has gone viral since it was published and has so far generated 1345 LIKES and 1,800 WOWS from the netizens.

Let us enjoy reading together the various comments from netizens that ranges from the witty to the harshest of comments.

Deo Piamonte Manla wrote:

Hahaha ang O.a ! Ja sa gawas kai magCge og apply og alcohol after manglamano di pajud papic maguba ang nawong kamatay 😎😈😈😈😈😈😎😈 ( Hahaha ang O.A. If she’s outside, she would kept on washing her hands using an alcohol after shaking hands with the people. She turns down request for photo ops…Her facial expression is a gimme.

Cherie Mea Gabayan Amandron wrote:

Kuya O, pampa-good vibes! Mao siguro ni ilang gusto na First Lady. Hahahahahha Ombz Skie Uncle look! For good vibes sake! This is perhaps the kind of First Lady the people want. Hahahahaha

Nineja Solijon wrote:

Natural ba yan o tanga talaga at walang utak magasawa na yan??? (Is this natural/normal? Perhaps she is clueless and are they brainless?

Ann Paolo Moreno wrote:

Andami kong tawa dito! I had a lot of laugh of this photo!

Narkeasha Lexie wrote:

Esi mar nga gamit ang mug para sa.kanin..hahha weird lang? ( Mar uses mug for the cooked rice. Hahaha. Isn’t this weird?

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