Kris Aquino scolds critics in viral instagram post: “You do owe Dad the fact that you have FREEDOM today.”

A visibly irked Kris Aquino took to Instagram to unleash her bottled up anger at people spreading fake news against his Dad, Ninoy Aquino.

It wasn’t clear which “fake news” Ms. Aquino was referring to in her instagram post.

One thing was certain, she had enough by making “sumbat” to critics that without her Dad making the ultimate sacrifice in the tarmac of the Manila International Airport, Filipinos today, including the family’s critics would not have the enjoyed their freedom today.

On Instragram, Kris Aquino writes:

I rewatched my dad’s only televised interview during the Martial Law years, “granted” to him March of 1978. I realized that i did unwittingly inherit so many of his mannerisms: the way our eyebrows get raised so animatedly when we are trying to make a point, the way we talk a mile a minute, and to be honest interrupt our interviewers because halfway through their question we are ready with an answer, and in 2 short, rapid fire answers he got straight to the point & made his case. Mom used to always say- sa kadaldaldalan, sa charm, the encyclopedic memory, sa impulsiveness, that need for everything to happen today, and that rare ability to just be so self assured regardless of what obstacles lay ahead that NO didn’t exist- i was really my father’s daughter. i posted this because he was born exactly 85 years ago today. Benigno “Ninoy” S. Aquino, Jr. November 27, 1932-August 21,1983 (Try as you may, #fakenews folks- you cannot rewrite history. And the truth is you do owe this man the fact that you have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION & FREEDOM OF THE PRESS TODAY- because he had the balls to actually DIE for his country- in super clear language, HINDI SYA INURUNGAN NG BAYAG KAHIT ALAM NYA NUNG PABABA SYA NG EROPLANO NA BABARILIN NA SYA SA TARMAC ng AIRPORT. Now u realize- nananahimik eh, ginulo nyo w/ your insulting wrong subject verb agreement post…) 🇵🇭

However, Kris Aquino’s Instagram post has hit a couple of raw nerves as per comments below.

sweetmilayb writes: “Hiyang – hiya naman Kami sayo kris . Ano ang mga Filipino May utang Sa inyo dahil Sa freedom ? Kayo nga mahilig mag massacre sa mahihirap . Salot kayo mga Aquino .”

_jjjemz says: “We don’t owe anything from your dad.”

aimenemia remarks: “utang na loob Kristeta… shut the F… up! wala ka nang career ganyan ka pa kayabang.. read back the history then you’ll probably realize that ur dad is not worth be called a HERO,, neither ur mum and ur brother as champion of Philippine democracy… yes probably.. of drug lords… NPA, corrupt politicians.. kaya walang asensong ngyari mula nun hanggang sa kua mo”

annelie_athena comments: “Kalayaan mo mukha mo!!! Ginawa nyong alipin at gatasan ang pilipinas Pwe! Wag kami! Kayo ang dahilan bakit nagkanda leche leche ang pilipinas. Sorry ka hindi nyo na ma papaikot ang mga pilipino.Hindi sya namatay dahil sa bansang pilipinas pinapatay sya ng relatives nyo. 30yrs nakaupo ang Aquino ni hindi manlang nag imbistiga sino talaga pumatay.”

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Source: Kris Aquino’s instagram

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