Krizette Chu elaborates Sass Rogando Sasot’s point why confronting BBC’s Jonathan Head was called for!

After video showing pro-Duterte blogger Sass Rogando Sasot aggressively confronting BBC’s Jonathan Head goes viral, the public have mixed reactions of the incident.

While some pro-Duterte social media bloggers have look at Sass’ action in a negative light because of her aggressive approach with matching stabbing of fingers in front Jonathan Head’s face, social media have perfectly see Sass’ point.

Krizette Laureta Chu, another pro-Duterte social media blogger took to Facebook to elaborate Sass Rogando Sasot’s point.

To cover up the real issue, the anti Dutertes are attacking Sass Sasot and the issue of her using the words minor blogger to describe Laurio.

How typical that you focus on that.

If I were Sass, I’d ask the same question too and won’t let up til I get my answer:

You expect us to believe that BBC, an international news organization who has better things to do with its time and better use of its resources, will look for Jover Laurio and interview her? Because what? What has she done that is significant except attack Duterte supporters, and attack the government?

Nothing. She didn’t risk her life to write exposes. She didnt say anything shocking. What she has done is insulted people and called us names.

You expect us to believe BBC sought her out when she’s not even as articulate as other smarter anti Duterte people?

Sass wanted to know, and this is the real issue: Who guided the BBC to interview some minor blogger like Jover Laurio? Who was the backer?

And why is the use of the word minor important when it only serves to magnify the ridiculousness of an international outfit like BBC seeking someone like her out?

As a language tool, stressing the word minor serves to highlight the sheer ridiculousness of the Opposition’s claim that BBC sought her out. How in the world would they even have heard of her?

What the Opposition has done is appoint Jover as “MOCKINGJAY.” Not to hurt your feelings Jover but you weren’t the first choice to be their Mockingjay. Yes, exact term. They needed a Mockingjay, and which is why may pakulo sila Trillanes na mag Tindig Pilipinas na may salute na ganon. Nakakadiri. Ang genius nung nag isip. Not.

The Opposition is doing everything to make Jover appear as a rebel, a rallying figure against an “oppressive” government a la KATNISS EVERDEEN.

Too bad she’s not a charismatic, articulate type who can organically and naturally rally people to her, a central figure who can do it on her own without needing help from backers to secure interviews.

So, back to Sass’ point: Who liaised between a minor player in politics like Jover and BBC? Ang daming problema sa world, Rohingya, feuding Middle Eastern royals, terrorism, etc, and they suddenly have time for Jover? Wag niyo kaming niloloko.

Jonathan Head has interviewed me, but it was because I messaged him my frustration with his coverage. Me, a minor “blogger,” who messaged him probably a dozen messages.

I don’t think Jover messaged Jonathan herself.

So the question is not if Sass is mayabang.

Granted, “mayabang” siya at mayabang para sa inyo yon kasi mahilig kayo sa submissive Pinoy ka EK ekan:

Sagutin pa rin nila ang tanong: WHO ARRANGED THE INTERVIEW?

Also, second, interviewing Jover and asking what her side is is like interviewing a criminal and asking his side, without asking for the side of the victim.

So, para matahimik kayo, MAYABANG SI SASS. Ok that settles that kasi that’s what you want to say.

Now answer the more important questions and stop diverting.

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