Krizette Chu says Teddy Casiño suing her for dragging his family in their social media war would be his worst nightmare. Read why!

Amidst threat of getting sued by Bayan Muna’s Teddy Casino, Manila Bulletin writer and blogger Krizette Chu found a way to make light of the situation.

In a Facebook post, Chu said that if Casino files a case against her for posting a blacked out photos of his sons and wife, that will only give her a national exposure and she will have the chance to rant against the likes of Casino and unmasks their hypocrisy.

And since she is on prime time TV, she will expose their families that she never exposed. Chu asked Teddy if he has seen what other netizens did to Zarate’s son? Chu slammed Teddy for having the temerity to whine. People will start asking questions.

And then, while on national TV, Chu said she will addressed her fellow Warays who are NPA’s in the mountains of Samar, tell them that Teddy and fellow urban leftist leaders are simply taking them for a fool. And for the sake of genuine struggle, they should remove leaders who are hypocrites.

Eventually, word spreads about Teddy’s excesses and hypocrisies and they will take care of the rest.

And finally, children who listen to the news and the mothers who listen to the news will get a wake up call.

Krizette reckon less and less children will believe Teddy’s cause and ideology if and when they know the truth.

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Pag dinemanda nya ako, ma cocover ako sa national television, tapos mag tatatalak ako sa national tv kung ano ang mga hinaing ko at bubulyawan ko sya sa pagiging hipokrito nya. Siyempre mas madami na akong audience.

Tapos dahil national news na sya, talagang ma eexpose yung tinatago nyang pamilya na NEVER kong inexpose (have you seen what people did to Zarate’s son? And you have the temerity to whine?) dahil people will start asking questions.

Tapos maririnig ako ng mga totoong mabangis na mga NPA. I will address my fellow Warays who are NPAs in the mountains of Samar, “HOY GIN UUWAT LA KAMO NIYA. AYAW PAG PA UWAT. GIN LULURONG LA KAMO. PARA HA TUOD NA PAKIKIBAKA, TANGGALUN AN MGA LIDER NA BUWAON!”

Tapos they will spread the word about the excesses and hypocrisies. Tapos sila na bahala. “KAMO LA KUN OK LA HIYA GIN UUWAT KAMO.”

And then the children who listen to the news and the mothers who listen to the news will get a wake up call. O KAYO, SOSYAL DIN BA KAYO NA SCHOOL? MAY NANINIWALA DIN BA SA INYO PARA PAARALIN KAYO SA SOSHAL NA PAARALAN? Tapos dahil dyan mas konti na Lang ang ma rerecruit nila pag nalaman nila ang katotohanan. Can you imagine having the chance and even just a platform to save as many lives as possible?

Tapos sisikat ako on a national level kahit ano pa man ang desisyon ng hukuman (duh, with no name and a blacked out photo, will he even have a fighting chance), tapos dahil sikat na ako, Senator na ako in 2022.

VP IN 2028.

And PRESIDENT or PRIME MINISTER IN 2034. (Pwede na kayo ako, I’ll be just 35 at that time.)

And in my speech, during my first SONA, I will be sure to thank him for picking on me, a simple citizen who asked him a simple question for the sake of accountability, for making me the President/Prime Minister of the Philippines.

(PS: Thank you sa lahat ng nag paabot sa akin ng suporta ngayon. Hindi ko kayo makakalimutan.)

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