La Salle prof defends Duterte from Fidel Valdez Ramos’ “Duterte has divided the nation” statement

According to the blog, FVR appears to be experiencing a bad case of ‘buyers remorse’ after the former president once again criticized Duterte during an event held in Camp Aguinaldo.

In a blog post entitled: “FVR: Duterte Has Divided The Nation”, FVR allegedly issued this stinging rebuke to Duterte by accusing the present administration of dividing the nation, contrary to Duterte’s campaign promise to unite the nation. [link here]

“So much division among brothers and sisters in the same family that’s happening now. And what I’m saying, there’s too much division in our Filipino family for us to really reach our full potential of being competitive in the world.”

Meanwhile, La Salle professor Dr. Antonio Contreras took to Facebook reminding the former president that the country has always been divided except that elites were effective in silencing the masses.

Read the post below.

From the chief executioner of the horrors of martial law, here comes Ramos. Again, abandoning old positions and changing tunes.

He should be made aware that we always have been a divided country except that the elites were effective in silencing the masses.

Now we have a President whose cursing and what his critics allege as lunacy have emboldened the masses to speak up and shut up those who have for long denied them the right to tell their stories. Naturally, because they are up against the elites who will not easily give up their powers, then you will have a confrontation between the awakened 82 percent and the desperate, panicking but noisy minority.

Former Arroyo Cabinet Secretary Bobbi Tiglao quickly pointed out that this is fake news. “This is fake news. “Backroom Politics” is a troll site run by anonymous hacks spewing anti-Duterte fakes news. Antonio P. Contreras”

Gerry Javier Jr remarked: “Yes, Duterte has divided the nation between the yellow elites and the Filipino people in general…. At long last we have a govt for the people…”

Marilyn Barua-Yap comennted: “Divided sa kanya kasi wala nang ‘monopoly’ ang mga kakulay nya sa pagpapatakbo ng bansa . Worse, unmasked sila for what they really are.”

If you’d recall, FVR was one of the personalities who convinced Duterte to run for president and the rest they is history.

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