La Salle prof demolishes Manolo Quezon III on Facebook after former Pnoy official blamed mosquitoes for the Dengvaxia mess

While Jim Paredes blames the Duterte admin for the Dengvaxia scandal, Manolo Quezon III says the blame should be on the mosquitoes.

Really? This might sound absurd but that’s what Manolo is saying in his newspaper column published recently.

Credits to Prf. Antonio Contreras for the screen grab photo.

Manolo Quezon’s statement has scandalized the intellectuals on social media including La Salle professor Antonio Contreras who wasted no time in shredding Quezon’s argument into pieces.

On Facebook, Contreras writes:

“But of course Manolo. Only mosquito bites can cause dengue. And it is clear also from the facts that the Philippine government has decided, in a rushed manner, to procure the vaccine even before the WHO can come up with its recommendations, and that there was no serious testing made to determine who among the target 730k children were seronegative, and to whom the vaccine should not have been administered because of the risk of getting a more severe dengue should they be bitten by the insect vector. Now, that is no longer the fault of the mosquito, but the fault of Noynoy, Garin and Abad who hastily issued the SARO.”

Let us read a sample of the netizen’s reactions so far.

Vergel Yap asks:

“What’s next? Meron pa kayang mabubulgar na mas malaking scandal?”

Nelson Robles remarks:

“Another idiot from the Quezon clan.”

Your thoughts?


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