La Salle prof dismisses Leni Robredo’s LTO stunt: ‘A press release from the office whose regional boss is a dear friend of hers’

The brouhaha over Leni Robredo renewing her drivers license has started a groundswell of criticism against the VP after her photos circulates online.

Credits to LTO Naga

La Salle professor Antonio Contreras of the political science department, a harsh critic of Robredo took to Facebook expressing his take on the issue.

On Facebook, Prof. Contreras writes:

A press release from the office whose regional boss is a dear friend of hers. Hoping that the propaganda will make a dent on how most people negatively see her.

Only that it backfired.

Her birthday was in April. And that should be the time she should have renewed. Not now. She is late.

There is also the possibility that she might have violated US laws by driving without a license there in June. She could not have had obtained such in Boston since the law there requires a valid Philippine driver’s license for one to be given permission. Hers expired in April.

She only renewed this July.

And this is as objective a commentary as it can get, lest I am accused again of bullying her.

The Robredo stunt has attracted like-minded netizens who share the same views with Prof. Contreras.

Maria Socorro Takasa wrote: “Propaganda failed hahaha… What’s that bulge on her left side colostomy bag or misplaced butt pad.”

Regine Eina noted her observation: “Puno diyan lagi..but SURPRISINGLY, walang katao tao sa pictures. Nakapasok pa ang photographers.”

Read the caption of LTO Naga describing the photos of Robredo while dropping by at their office to renew her license.

“JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Today, Vice President Leni Robredo came to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) Naga District Office to renew her driver’s license. Just like the rest of our clients, VP Robredo took a queueing number and waited for her turn in order to complete her transaction.

The office practices fairness in dealing with its clients. It delivers the same kind of quality and efficient service to all.

Dios Mabalosa po sa LTO Naga! #ParaSaBayan #LTOBicolHappyToServeYou🇵🇭”

By the way, the regional head of LTO Naga is NOREEN SAN LUIS LUTEY, best friend of Leni Robredo and appointee of former Pres. Aquino. [Benjie Daisy Contreras]

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