La Salle prof slams UP ‘data scientist’ claim data trends could not conclude cheating occured during 2016 elections

According to UP teaching fellow JC Punongbayan, examination of the election data and subjecting it to various methodologies, concluded that Robredo did not steal the vice presidency.

The article appeared on Rappler two days ago and has since been shared more than 16,000 times on various social media platforms.

The viral article has opened old wounds between the opposing camps and has elicited adverse reactions from people who believe that the VP race was but fraudulent to say the least.

Dr. Antonio Contreras, a political science professor from Dela Salle University and a trained statistician, was one of the firsts who called the attention of the public via his Facebook post about a possible irregularity in the election result particularly in the vice-presidential race, a day or two after the unofficial vote counting started.

Check out the full text of Dr. Antonio Contreras’s post below:

Dear Mr. Data Scientist from UP:

If you say that data trends could not conclude that there was cheating during the 2016 elections for the VP post, that is why you and your fellow “data scientists” ridiculed David Yap and me for, in your words, being irresponsible and betraying science, then wouldn’t it be equally valid following your logic that data trends do not prove anything, even the absence of fraud. After all, if it could not be used to prove fraud, then it could also not be used to prove the contrary.

So what gives that you suddenly published a recycled analysis in Rappler saying that your number crunching reveals that there is no way Robredo could steal the VP post? Or, who gave?

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Source: Rappler


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