Lacson answers Drilon’s “why are search warrants served before dawn”

If you remember, Senator Franklin Drilon asked why are search warrants served before dawn in reaction to the pre-dawn bloody raid of the Parojinog’s house.

Within hours, Drilon started receiving answers to the point he raised earlier regarding the timing of the serving of the search warrant to the Parojinogs.

But, to assume Drilon would spare his time and read the comments on social media is preposterous.

If there is one man who is an authority on search warrants as a former cop who rose to the top as the PNP Chief, its Ping Lacson.

In the video below, Senator Lacson talked to reporters, indirectly telling Drilon that to insinuate there is irregularity in the manner the search warrant was served to the Ozamiz mayor is wrong.

When prompted for reaction regarding the timing of the serving of search warrant, Lacson told reporters that “search warrant indicates that it can be served anytime of the day and night. So walang irregular doon.’

When another female reporter asked Lacson to comment on the alleged report that electricity went off as soon as the police was ready to serve the search warrant. “Sir, amy mga testimony na parang pinatay ang ilaw nung iiserve parang brownout.”

Lacson said: “These are speculations ano, na lumalabas. Sabi ko nga at this point, wala akong nakikitang reason kung mag-imbestiga na naman ang Senado…Unlike yung kay Albuera, masyadong blatant eh,. Kitang-kita natin eh at kailangan talagang tingnan.”

One female reporter asked Lacson about presumption of regularity. “Ano ito Sir presumption of regularity?”

Lacson explained to the reporter: “You can presume regularity in the performance kasi may search warrant, ah they were fired upon, di ba? Unless meron clear evidence pointing to the contrary na hindi naman sila pinutukuan, then ito na ang resolution na i-file. Then let’s see the content ng iifile. Baka ang ang mag-fafile meron syang information na di alam ng Senate.”

In the next minute or so, Lacson answered the questions of reporters about presumption of regularity.

Female reporter: Sir, yung CCTV bakit kailangan eh-confiscate? Di ba ebidensya kung talagang may..

Lacson: Di totoo yun. Tingna muna natin kung ano pa yung subsequent report na lalabas.

Female reporter: Suspicious daw kasi, madaling araw, Espinada (Espinido)

Lacson: Kung ako rin, when I was still in the law enforcement service, talagang we’d rather operate pag madaling araw para, element of surprise yung eh. Especially kung ang information ay armed group yung iiraid mo, aba teka muna susugod ba ako na araw, kitang kita naman ako.

Female reporter: Nothing irregular Sir?

Lacson: At this point, sabi ko nga, wala akong nakitang irregular, bat nasundot ko. (Laughs)

Female reporter: Generally Sir, SOP dapat morning, eh umaga. Lacson said, “No, no, no!”

Male reporter: Sir sa PNP manual di ba dapat…

Lacson dismissed the angle the reporters are pursuing, which is a case of police rubout.

“Well depende sa situation. May mga situation na kailangan talaga magserve ka ng search warrant sa gabi. Kasi nga otherwise, mawawala ang element of surprise. Remember politiko yan. Kapag araw napakaraming tao, lalong marami madisgrasya kapag nagkaroon ng exchange of gunfire, yun ang problema.”

You may watch the video now.

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