Lady lawyer gives public glimpse of Paolo Duterte’s legal strategy on libel case vs. Trillanes!

Wondering why Paolo Duterte isn’t budging despite strong clamor from Trillanes and the dilawans to show whether he has dragon tattoo on his back or not?

In a Facebook post, fiery lawyer Trixie Cruz Angeles wrote that Pulong Duterte isn’t in a hurry for a good reason.

Why? Pulong Duterte is taking the matter to court because he believed that is the venue that will decide whether to show his back or not.

On the question whether the court will require to do that, Angeles offered two possible scenarios. 1. Trillanes will file a motion to require to do that. 2. Pulong will use that as part of the rebuttal evidence.

However, according to Angeles, in case Trillanes’ lawyer filed a motion, she predicted the court will likely deny Trillanes’ motion.

Check out the full post below.

Paolo Duterte filed cases against Antonio Trillanes for libel. If Trillanes REALLY believes that the former vice mayor has a dragon tattoo, then the best time to present it would be in court.

But wait.

Will the court require Pulong to do that? Here are the possible scenarios:

1. The court will ask Paolo Duterte to comment on the motion (if Trillanes files one) to compel him (Paolo) to show his tattoo. That comment then will list all the reasons why that is

a. Illegal
b. Not Paolo’s problem and
c. Violates the constitutional guarantee that it is GUILT that must be proven and not innocence.

(aside from being the kind of idea only the “good” senator’s benighted brain can conjure)

This means that the motion will most likely be denied and the rest of the country educated on why this is a stupid idea to begin with.

The court can either grant Sen. T’s motion, in which case we see the presence or absence of the tattoo.

Or deny it, thus inadvertently (meaning hindi sinasadya) further embarrassing the senator.

2. Paolo Duterte would present it as part of his rebuttal evidence. And this will show that he really does not have a tattoo. Thus, hammering in the final nail in Trillanes’ coffin and finally getting a conviction. (popcorn please)

Either scenario is legal.

So why doesn’t Paolo show his tattoo?

Because he took the matter to court. Yan na ang venue kung saan madedecide ang pagpapakita o hindi.

(halata tuloy ang panghihito ng kabila when they fail to mention this)

Your thoughts on this?

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