Lady lawyer slams Poe following senator’s statement granting emergency powers to PPRD unnecessary to solve MM traffic?

Did you hear or read the news? Senator Grace Poe just announced after the senate hearing PRRD does not need emergency powers to solve Metro Manila traffic.

Lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles has taken to Facebook to censure Senator Poe for failing to see the necessity of emergency powers for President Duterte to finally put and end to Metro Manila’s traffic woes.

To drive home her point why PRRD needs emergency powers to solve Metro Manila’s traffic, Angeles shared her experience this morning in EDSA wherein she spent 3 hours in her car while trying to go to work.

Angeles said that those 3 hours were lost and there is no way she can reclaim it back.

Angeles urged Poe to do math of the thousands of hours lost since there were thousands of other people who were stuck on traffic just like her this morning.

Angeles remarked that thousands of hours lost could have been spent productively.

Angeles reckoned that after this, Poe should realize by now the necessity to do something, not just criticize but offer solutions. Because, if that is the case, Angeles said that makes Poe’s criticism very annoying.

In frustration, Angeles said we cannot keep doing this and the public is already angry about this. And that means, Poe’s political future may no longer be that bright.

Madame, I just spent three hours trying to get to work today. Those three hours are gone. Nothing and no one can bring them back. But I wasn’t sitting in traffic alone. There were thousands with me.

Thats thousands of man hours that could have been productively spent.

Siguro naman, nakikita ninyo yng necessity to do something. Wag nyo naman kaming sabihan na di pwede emergency powers, pero wala naman kayong solusyon.

We can’t keep doing this. Asar na kami, and that means your political future may no longer be that bright.


Netizen Abraham Gasmen Fiesta remarked that if Poe’s going to run for President, the people should not vote for her.

If she going to be a candidate for President. The people should not vote this lady. Fan mo ako noon, but now, no way Jose. Lapdog of the OLIGARCHS.👎🏿👎🏿

Netizen Thess Deangkinay Ikeda says Grace Poe the traditional politician is worse. Tells people who voted for Poe to suffer the consequences of traffic. Unfortunately he said, those who did not vote for her are now in the same boat too.

Grabe ang pagka traPOE!!! Yung mga bumoto kay traPOE, yan magtiis kayo pati tuloy ang di bumoto sa kanya dawit! Hmp!!!

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