Lady lawyer to Sharon Cuneta: ‘Ang social media ay hindi para sa sensitive o di malawak ang pagunawa.’

One of the admins of the FB Page Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan asked netizens if ever they get the urge to poke Ate Shawie and tell her the difference between showbizness and social media.

‘Dont you get the urge sometimes to make kalabit Ate Shawie and say, madame, sanay po kayo sa sine at tv? Iba ang kalakaran sa social media.’

Atty. Trixie Cruz Angeles confessed she was tempted to tell Ate Shawie to chill and relax and think about it that unlike in the past, the celebs and actors, like Vice Ganda, used to hold the mic. They like to make comments, to ridicule or make a mockery of somebody, they hold the power. They have the stage, the audience and lucky to have somebody listens.

‘Gusto ko sana syang alukin na chill muna at isipin na di tulad ng dati, ang mga celebs at artista, parang si Vice Ganda, kayo may hawak ng mike. Gusto ninyong mag kumento, mambalahura, o may pagtawanan, nasa inyo yung power. Kayo nasa entablado, yung audience, maswerte kung may marinig.’

Atty. Angeles continued that celebs like Ate Shawie are the ones being sought for interviews, the star power to amplify their voices. The entire nation can hear them when they speak. Because the ones that own the media are their partners and allies who wields that power.

‘Kayo naiinterview, kayo may star power para ma amplify ang boses ninyo. Dinig sa buong bansa. Kasi yung mga may hawak ng media kaakibat ninyo sa power na iyan.’

However, social media is a way more different. Atty. Angeles remarked that if you think about it, social media is more democratic. No one is sacred. An ordinary netizen can even challenge a senator to a fist fight or threaten a President. (As long as the statement is not seditious.)

‘Iba dito sa social media. Kung iisipin nyo, mas democratic. Walang sinasanto dito. Pwede ngang hamunin ng suntukan ang isang senador, o i-threaten ang isang presidente (basta wag lang inciting to sedition).’

Atty. Angeles reckoned it’s possible Ate Shawie isn’t aware of this or not used to this. Probably because in most occasions, Ate Shawie’s interactions are limited to her fans and supporters and she can’t blame Ate Shawie for this. Who would like to talk to someone toxic? Atty. Angeles asked.

‘Posibleng hindi ninyo alam ito, o di kayo sanay. Kadalasan kasi mga fans and admirers ang kausap nyo and we can’t blame you for that. Sino ba may gustong toxic ang kausap?’

However, even the US Supreme Court says that fame has a price to pay. Atty. Angeles quoted a line in the movie ‘Fame’ who said, “You want fame? Well fame costs.”

‘Gayunpaman, kahit Korte Suprema ng US sinasabi na may kabayaran ang kasikatan. Ika nga sa sine na Fame, “You want fame? Well fame costs.”‘

Atty. Angeles remarked that before Ate Shawie gets annoyed with the trash talk in social media, she should try to understand that under our Constitution, free speech is the pressure valve of a society. If you stifle free speech, most likely it will revolt. Or find a way to vent their frustrations.

‘Pero bago kayo mainis sa bastusan dito sa social media, intindihin din sana ninyo na angkop sa ating saligang batas, ang free speech ay pressure valve ng lipunan. Busalan mo ang taong bayan, malamang sa hindi, aalsa. O hahanap ng ibang paraan para sa frustrations at saloobin.’

Of course, Atty. Angeles said there is a limits to free speech. She cited libel, threats, inciting to sedition etc.. However, our Constitution has given a wide latitude for free speech, expression and press freedom.

‘Syempre may limitasyon. Libel, threats (alam nyo ito), inciting to sedition, false publications, inciting to rebellion, violation ng safe spaces act at iba pa. Pero malawak ang espasyong nilalaan sa malayang pagsasalita, ekspresyon at pahayag.’

Atty. Trixie Angeles informed Ate Shawie that social media is not for people who are sensitive or narrow-minded. No one is sacred. But if she can take it, there are abundance of creative minds, talented writers etc. The lack of filters, according to Atty. Angeles is a double-edged sword; it allows the bad as well as the good ones to reach you.

‘Ang social media ay hindi para sa sensitive o di malawak ang pagunawa. Walang sinasanto dito. Pero kung kaya ninyo, marami ring creative minds, talented writers, articulate artists. The lack of filters not only allows all the bad stuff to reach you, but there is no bar to the good ones either.’

Atty. Angeles told Ate Shawie not to get discouraged. She assured the Megastar that if you are the flavor of the month today, if you do something that makes them happy, amazing or something good, it will come out.

‘Wag mawalan ng loob. We are also a forgiving lot. Flavor of the month man kayo ngayon, pag may nagawa ka naman na ikagagalak, magaling o mabuti, lumalabas din yon.’

‘Parang life lang,’ Atty. Angeles told Ate Shawie.

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Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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