Lady lawyer’s reaction on Robredo’s spokesman calling Duterte’s appointment letter empty: ‘Hindi pa ba sila nakakakita ng appointment document ever?’

If the statement of Leni Robredo’s spokesman Atty. Barry Gutierrez is an indication, it appears Robredo isn’t keen in accepting her new job as the co-chair of the of anti-illegal drugs body but merely making excuses to evade responsibility.

Gutierrez said Duterte’s gesture is an admission that there something missing in the drug war.

Gutierrez remarked the appointment lacks details or substance. He called it problematic in the sense that it was not clear what powers or authority the Vice President will have as the co-chairperson of the inter-agency committee on anti-illegal drugs.

Gutierrez’s statement turned out to be “problematic”.

I said this because if you read the latest FB post of lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles of the FB page “Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan” in reaction to the statement of Robredo’s spokesman, one can easily tell that the pro-Duterte lawyer sounded shocked by the sheer ignorance or stupidity of Robredo’s spokesman Atty. Barry Gutierrez!

“Hindi pa ba sila nakakakita ng appointment document ever? THEY ALL LOOK LIKE THAT. Para malaman ang duties ng posisyon, aba eh di basahin ang batas. Pati ba naman yan, ituturo pa sinyo?” Angeles wrote on Facebook.

Atty. Trixie ended the short FB post with the #NAGDADAHILAN which in English means making excuses.

Netizen Lhe Ivy commented that Atty. Gutierrez is no different than her Boss Robredo. They are shallow-minded and worse his brain can be found in his ass.

Tong si attyy Gutierez walang pinagiba sa boss nyang Robredo mababaw ang utak siguro baliktad pa nasa puwitan. E anu pala powers ng Chairman, e co-chairwoman sya e. Hindi naman kailangan gumawa ng sariling batas para lang ke Robredo e.

Netizen Rhidessa Coloyan Capute commented that Gutierrez and his Boss should take the initiative because they are given the chance to show what they’ve got.

drug czar po…. grabe naman ang spoon feeding… take the initiative kasi you are given the chance…

Netizen Art Bacalla agreed with Atty. Trixie. Said he is annoyed at people exoposing their stupidity and emptiness of their brains in social media, hence invalidating their claim of having such academic qualification.

Tama si Atty Trixie. Anong klaseng abogado ‘to? I’m always annoyed at people exposing their stupidity and emptiness of their brains in social media invalidating their professed academic qualification. They make all these dubious pronouncements to camouflage their insidious and real intention.

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