Latest ad stars Robin Padilla, talks about the “Duterte discipline” the centerpiece of Duterte presidency

A video starring Robin Padilla in latest Duterte ad stressing “discipline” as the centerpiece of a Duterte presidency has been doing the rounds online.

Robin Padilla talks about Duterte Discipline

Credits to Robin Padilla

In a Facebook post shared 38,295 times and growing as of Wednesday afternoon, the biggest celebrity name endorsing the candidacy of the tough-talking Duterte published the video on his Facebook wall.

In the video, the celebrity endorser Mr. Padilla opens his dialogue by stressing that what the country needs is discipline.

Mr. Robin Padilla then went on to enumerate what are missing in the Philippines today like trains that run on time, streets that are not flooded because they are constructed properly, roads that are free from traffic, presentable airports, cops that catches the criminals, not scalawags in uniform, public servants that do not abuse their position, but serve the public good, politicians who follow the law, a president who does not shrink from responsibility but govern; a government that is not corrupt and citizens who are not in a constant fear are all possible if the element of discipline is present in the country.

Towards the end of his dialogue, Mr. Padilla scored the “Tuwid Na Daan” slogan of the Liberal Party because only a few adheres to the principle.

Before the video ended, Mayor Duterte appeared with Robin Padilla and told the viewers that “when there is no discipline, instill discipline.”

The video was well-received by the netizens. In fact, the video has been shared more than 40,000 times 5 hours after the video was posted.

Juan Miguel De Guzman wrote:

The best….walang bayad pawang katotohanan lamang..yan ang tunay na lalaki..yan si idol ROBIN PADILLA!…GODBLESS PO IDOL! (the best! Not paid and speaking only the truth. That’s what real men do. That’s my idol Robin Padilla!

Mika Calz wrote:

Oo si Rodrigo Duterte karapat dapat na botohin nyo sa dadating na election kasi ako hindi pa pwede bumuto pero gusto ko sya na ang mamaging presidente ng Pilipinas para mawala na yung mga Abusayaff thingy. (I agree, Rodrigo Duterte deserves our vote in the coming election. Unfortunately, I can’t vote, but I want him to be the next President so that Abu Sayaffs are eliminated.)

Emil Casbadillo wrote:

Heads up for Mr. Robin “Idol” Padilla. Bilib ako sa dedikasyon mo na makatulong ng libre sa ating susunod na Pangulo “Digong Duterte.” Sana mabigyan ka ng position ni President Digong kahit isa sa sangay ng ating Gobyerno. (I admire you for your dedication to help the cause of the next President “Digong Duterte.” I do hope you will be rewarded with a position in one of the government agencies.)

If you enjoy reading the comments of netizens, grab a popcorn and head to Robin Padilla’s page NOW!

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