Lawyer Bruce Rivera tells CBCP, priest their stance versus Duterte’s drug war not aligned with Pope Francis marching order in Vatican

The church led by the CBCP has been very critical of President Duterte’s anti-drug war campaign because of the violent method employed by the police in executing the President’s order.

Emboldened by Associated Press article published in the Manila Bulletin newspaper wherein Pope Francis called everyone to combat the production and distribution of such drugs (Manila Bulletin), lawyer Bruce Rivera used this as an opportunity to remind CBCP and church leaders that they are going against the very word of Pope Francis if they continue to be critical of Duterte’s drug war.

Rivera also wondered why the church leaders in Colombia and Mexico aren’t as abrasive as their Philippine counterparts when the drug war in the said countries were more brutal than ours.

On this note, Rivera couldn’t help but insinuate whether the Philippine church leaders are holier than thou or have interest to protect.

Rivera told netizens that when someone throws a stone at them, it is better to send them to jail because they are drug lords. Refrain from hitting them back with bread, Rivera ended his FB post.

Dear CBCP,

Pope Francis, yes….your ultimate leader said that governments have a duty to COMBAT the drug problem. And combat means to fight with weapons, to battle, to fight between armed forces.

Pope Francis did not say eradicate the problem through peaceful means because he knows…there is NO peaceful means to fight this scourge. The Pope recognizes this war will only be won with a battle of steel determination.

Kaya tayo natatalo eh, binato na nga ng BATO…imbes na ibato pabalik sa kanila, tinapay ang pinabato niyo pabalik. Ang masama, ung bato, pinatitipak ninyo, nilagay sa foil at tinunaw. At hwag niyong sabihin na himala na ang bato ay naging puting usok ha.

The Catholic Church in Colombia and Mexico were not as abrasive in castigating the state in its drug war which is more brutal than ours. Are you holier than thou or do you have an interest to protect.

Sa susunod na batuhin tayo ng bato, ipakulong aga

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