Lawyer dissects Maria Ressa statement on Twitter re Glenn Chong exposé on election fraud. The conclusion? “Propaganda”

In response to the bomb detonated by lawyer Glenn Chong against the Comelec, Smartmatic and LP, Maria Ressa of Rappler attacked Chong testimony on Twitter, apparently to undermined his credibility.

Instead of taking the allegation head on, Ressa sidestepped the issue by resorting to personal attacks.

“Misdirection”, “fallacious reasoning” and “revisionist” were the words used by Ressa to hit Chong and his senate testimony on election cheating.

Ressa tweeted:

Data has already proven there is no fraud, but make enough noise to sway the people. major alert folks: propaganda machine full steam ahead on alternative realities, to distract real problems at hand.

Lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles couldn’t resist the itch to slap Ressa with the truth that her statement against Glenn Chong was riddled with errors.

She proceeded to find the flaws of Ressa’s tweet, which she did and generously shared it with her social media followers.

In the end, Angeles concluded that Ressa’s statement was nothing but pure propaganda to attempt to condition the minds of your audience.

Read the full text below.

“Data has already proven…”

Now what is wrong with this statement?

First, NOTHING has been proven. That is why the Senate is conducting an investigation.

Second, the COMELEC findings are being contested and evidence is being offered by Atty Chong. Ilda is correct that your attacks on Atty Glen are ad hominem. You are trying to destroy the person and not actually addressing the issue of the transmissions.

Third, data is defined as facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis. Therefore “data” is not proof. The analysis of such data would give it weight as evidence if they apply to the facts. Only then will it be proof.

And finally,

Fourth, “there is no fraud” is a conclusion you are making and doing so AHEAD of the investigation and the Supreme Court case currently in litigation. You are doing so clearly to attempt to condition the minds of your audience. And THAT IS propaganda.


Angeles’s Facebook post has generated quite a buzz among her social media followers based on the shares, likes and comments generated just hours after she hit the “publish” button on Facebook.

Rogen Magbanua

If you can’t disprove the evidence. Destroy his character… That’s how they play the game…

Jieraldt F Aziz

Ressa becoming less of a journalist, LP Propagandist na talaga. Pagkatapos ng expose sa PDAF Scam, mukhang ngkabayaran na at target na lng ng propaganda nila that time sina BBM, Revilla, Estrada, Enrile at mga threat sa LP. Drilon, Abad etc ay hindi na muling binanatan ng Rappler. Fast forward to 2016, Full time LP Propaganda machine na ang cRappler. The alternative media we used to love, dahil nanawa na sa basurang pinapakain saten ng MSM ng pinas ay nilamon na rin ng sistema, nabayaran at biased na. lalo na vs. Marcos.

Abby Gail NC

I think she described her own self being a propaganda machine. 😂😂😂

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