Lawyer says former President Noy Aquino’s ill-advised move to appoint former Ombudsman Conchita Morales to a 7-year term, a huge mistake!

Now that Ombudsman Conchita Morales has retired, Sereno’s gone in the SC and Roxas lost to Duterte in 2016, former President Benigno Aquino III is now facing an array of court cases for various anomalies committed during his term.

Lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles took to Facebook to jeer at the geniuses who advised former President Noy Aquino to appoint Sereno and Morales to their respective posts.

In the Facebook post, Angeles said Sereno was appointed as SC Chief justice whose term will last for 19 years, long enough to cover all Noy’s cases.

Pnoy appointed Conchita Morales as the new Ombudsman, replacing Merceditas Gutierrez, a GMA appointee, who was forced to resign.

Since Gutierrez resigned from her post and did not finish her term, Morales was supposed to serve out Gutierrez unfinished term.

The case was brought to the Supreme Court and the SC favored Pnoy’s theory that Morales should serve the 7-year term of the Ombudsman.

Angeles argued this was the miscalculation of the Pnoy admin.

Angeles said had Pnoy forced Morales to resign in 2015 and appoint a new Ombudsman, his new appointed Ombudsman would have served until 2022, co-terminus with Duterte.

Angeles revealed Pnoy’s advisers did nothing to give Pnoy a good cover by appointing with a 7-year Ombudsman to cover him until Duterte steps down in 2022 because they were confident Roxas was a shoo-in to win the 2016 presidential election until Digong threw his hat in the presidential derby and won.

Read the full text of the post below.

Tsk. Nung presidente si Noynoy, tinatawag na student government yung kanyang administrasyon kasi… amateurs. Syempre umangal ang mga student government. Di daw sila ganung ka… er… inexeprienced.

Gayunpaman itong Noynoy Aquino administration, in-appoint si Madame Conchita nuong 2011 dahil nag resign si Merceditas Gutierrez. Since ang termino ni Gutierrez ay hanggang 2012, dapat ang term ni Conchita ay one year lang dahil appointed dapat sya to the unexpired term.

In-uphold naman ng SC yung teoriya ni Noynoy na full term si Madame Conchita. So nag serve sya until yesterday for a full 7 years.

Which means mahina talaga mag isip ang mga henyo ng administrasyong Aquino.

Kasi gayun na ngang kinikilala ng SC na maaaring magappoint to a full term kahit yung predecessor ay di nakatapos ng isang buong term, dapat bago bumababa si Noynoy, ay pinababa rin niya Si Madame Conchita at nag appoint ng bagong Ombudsman for a full 7 year term.

Halimbawa nung 2015 dapat pina resign nya si Madame Conchita at nag appoint ng iba who will serve until 2022.

Ang kwento ay si Sereno ay in-appoint ni PNoy kasi mag serve sya for about 19 years. Long enough to cover Noynoy’s cases. Pero di nya ginawan ng paraan para ma cover sya ng 7 years ng Omudsman.

Alam nyo kung bakit?

Di kasi nila akalain na matapos ang diumanong tinding nakawan para ma pondohan ang kampanya nila sa eleksyon ay MATALO pa rin si Mar Roxas.

Oh ayan. Arrogance.


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