Lawyer tells “this is where your taxes go” meme creator to spare him the sarcasm unless she called out anomalies of past admin

A meme making the rounds online insinuated President Duterte and his Cabinet officials were using tax payers money when they watched the Pacquaio-Matthysse boxing event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The meme was a collage of two pictures, one on top of the other.

The first photo (upper part) showed President Duterte and his Cabinet officials on board a plane making the Duterte fist.

The second photo (lower part) showed President Duterte, son Baste, Bong Go and two other Filipinos inside the boxing arena watching the Pacquiao-Matthysse fight.

However, closer inspection of the first photo revealed it was an old photo. Take note of the lone woman in the photo. The woman was none other than Wanda Teo, former Tourism Secretary.

Believe it or not, many people fell for it. In fact, the meme has been shared more than 4,000 times on Facebook.

Lawyer Bruce Rivera, a Duterte supporter and social media defender, took to Facebook to slap the critics with the painful truth and quote, “MOST FILIPINOS ARE IGNORANT ABOUT ISSUES AND YET, MAKE THE MOST VOCAL AND VICIOUS OPINIONS.”

To insinuate it was people’s money used to watch the fight, according to lawyer Bruce Rivera, perfectly illustrates the ignorance and the audacity of people like the one who made the post below.

Rivera remarked that President Duterte’s trip to Malaysia was taxpayer’s money well spent. First, it was of national importance because an incumbent Senator was the main event. Second, showcase Filipino pride. Third, meet with Malaysian PM and perhaps consult PM Mahathir for insights insights on the BBL and the China dilemma.

At this point, Rivera reminded the Yellows that Pnoy visited the US seven times and in one of the trips, he took an unscheduled detour to go to a gun store and miss an event of the Filipino community and nobody from their camp made a fuss how the taxes were used for these state visits.

Rivera also raised the several overseas trips of Leni Robredo including the pictorial in the Holocaust Museum, the numerous speaking engagements where she bad-mouthed the present administration but Ms. de David did not make a meme asking where the hell taxpayers’ money went.

Rivera reminded the critics that unless they have the moral ascendancy to do so, they have no right to be sarcastic and say “this is where your taxes go”.

“If you have not called out the past administration about the numerous corruption allegations in the MRT deal, DAP, DengVaxia, the health stations fiasco in the DOH and so much more, please spare me the sarcasm.”

Rivera ended the post by reiterating his assertion that taxpayers’ money was lost in the ignorance and hypocrisy of many Filipinos, many of whom were not even taxpayers.

“You know where our taxes went? It was lost in the ignorance and hypocrisy of many Filipinos, many of them are not even taxpayers.”

Check out the screenshot of Rivera’s FB post.

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