Lawyer to news editors of Kapamilya network: “How can all of you stoop that low?”

A post castigating the news editors of the Kapamilya network for forsaking journalistic integrity in favor of their interest is doing the rounds online.

Atty.Rivera castigates ABS-CBN for being biased against Duterte

Credits to Atty. Bruce Rivera

In a Facebook post shared more than 500 times as of Thursday evening, Atty. Bruce Rivera published a letter condemning the Kapamilya network for doing all the stops to derail the candidacy of the survey front runner Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

In the post, Atty. Rivera cited several instances wherein he believed that the news editors of Kapamilya Network made public several documents that violates the privacy of Mayor Duterte.

One such case is the publication of a court record about the psychological assessment report of Mayor Duterte.

They made a big deal out of the findings. There was an intention to destroy and malign so people will hate him. A narcissistic person cannot be President.

Attorney Rivera found the act of the news editors of the Kapamilya Network very disturbing. Read below to find out why!

But what is more disturbing there is the lack of accountability on the part of the network. They made public a confidential court record that diminished our trust in the judicial repository of records and to the professional integrity of the psychologists. And all in the name of destroying Duterte.

Moreover, Atty. Rivera scored the Kapamilya Network for making it appear that Duterte lied about the controversial BPI account that Senator Trillanes exposed lately.

Now, Trillanes comes out with a statement that Duterte and Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio have 211 million pesos in the BPI. Duterte said he is lying. Now, the network wants to make it appear that Duterte lied because the accounts existed.


What Duterte said was a lie was the 211 million pesos. He never said that the he does not have a BPI account. And if ever there were accounts that existed, what is wrong with it? The Duterte’s have business here in
Manila to have accounts.

It is not out of the ordinary. What is out of the ordinary is a lawmaker that has too many consultants and yet, NO LAW passed. But I guess you want to make him a hero.

Before ending his post, Atty. Rivera has something say to the news editors of the Kapamilya Network to think about and quote:

But let me tell you this. Have you ever thought that your hero violated the Bank Secrecy Laws just by telling people that he had access to bank records of Duterte, even if it is true or not? Have you even considered the effect your report did on the depositors of BPI who will now feel uneasy because their bank can just share information, worst, wrong information to the public. Will this not trigger a mass withdrawal of deposit by its clients?

And this?

And you are willing to compromise the banking system just to destroy Duterte.


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