Lawyer’s retort to Kapamilya talents blaming Duterte for ABS-CBN shut down: ‘Good riddance you stupid bastards.’

Government prosecutor and known Duterte supporter Atty. Darwin Canete has once again defended President Duterte from wrongful allegations by Kapamilya talents on social media in the wake of the permanent shut down of ABS-CBN.

Canete wrote: ‘ABS CBN talents are wrong to blame President Duterte.’

Canete added that President Duterte did not campaign against ABS-CBN’s franchise quest in Congress as alleged by what he called idiots. ‘He did not actively seek to closely it, as those idiots accuse him.’

‘Why else did he allow the BIR, DOJ and the NTC to give favorable evidence?’ Canete asked.

If it were true that President Duterte had a hand in ABS-CBN closure, he would have stopped those agencies under the Executive to speak favorably of ABS-CBN at the Congressional hearing. But he refused to lift a finger.

‘Sa executive side pa lang sana, wala na silang nakuhang pabor. He simply refused to intervene in their behalf.’

Canete instead shifted the blame on ABS-CBN why President Duterte did not apply his powers of persuasion to Congressmen.

‘They really only have themselves to blame why the president refused to apply his powers of persuasion.’

Canete asked who would still have the appetite to help them after they made it a habit to attack the guy in spite of the fact that they needed his influence in the end in their behalf.

‘Sino ba naman gaganahan after you attack the guy day in and day out, in spite of the fact that you needed him to use his influence in your behalf.’

Canete remarked that the Kapamilya network has made too enemies and ABS-CBN can blame no one to but itself.

‘Thing is, ABS CBN made too many enemies, which only the presidential pulpit can protect from.’

Worse, ABS-CBN, relentlessly spit on President Duterte under guise of press freedom. When the so-called wolves came, no one came to their rescue. Canete ended the post with an expression of huge relief that ABS-CBN is gone.

‘But no, you spit on the guy every day under the sanctimonious banner of freedom of the press. So when the wolves came, you had nothing. Good riddance you stupid bastards. 😅’

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Source: Darwin Canete

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