Leni-leaning FB Page ‘Silent No More’ disses at La Salle professor. His response silence them. Read why!

A meme attacking Prof. Antonio Contreras calling him many unflattering remarks such as a ‘Mocha Uson Wannabee’ is making the rounds online.

The meme was posted on the Facebook page “Silent No More” in retaliation for the earlier post of Prof. Contreras criticizing Robredo’s motherhood statement while speaking before students at the 17th EDSA Ortigas Consortium of Schools (EDSOR) Peace Congress. [GMA News]

Violence is not the right solution in the country’s fight against poverty and inequality.

On Facebook. Prof. Contreras criticized Leni for her statement about violence and wrote:

Any political historian will tell you that this woman does not know what she talking about. Revolutions may devour their own children. Post-revolutionary regimes may end up as oppressive. But there are a plethora of examples where violence and bloodshed have ended injustice.

Leni Robredo should really shut up to save herself from further damage.

The remarked made by Prof. Contreras did not escape the attention of the Facebook pages that are sympathetic to Leni Robredo’s cause.

Silent No More return the favor with interest….

Dear Fellow Filipinos,

When you are trying so hard to justify the VIOLENCE.
What this DLSU Professor is trying to say is that we can end INJUSTICE by using INJUSTICE.

Simple logic. Hindi apoy ang pumapatay sa apoy. There are more plethora of examples of justifying the use of violence to do more violence that resulted to genocides and mass killings.

This Professor seriously needs a lecturing or better, a psychologist. For sure part naman sa benefits ng DLSU employees ang psychological intervention.

Being a FAMEWHORE doesn’t really do you good Antonio P. Contreras.

The ever combative professor did not waste any seconds to write a crafty response and post it on Facebook to silence ‘Silent No More’.

Read Prof. Contreras first salvo below:

Lalo lang akong pinapasikat ng mga ito. Certainly acting upon the instructions of the OVP as per #Lenileaks.
I am so amused.

But he is done yet. Not yet.

Prof. Contreras posted another response, this time, he fired a salvo putting ‘Silent No More’ in a dilemma.

Why? Failure to respond to the challenge issued by Contreras would mean defeat and embarrassment on their part. Otherwise, it validates the suspicion that ‘Silent No More’ is part of the Social Media initiative of the OVP.

I am not a Mocha Uson wannabe. Mocha is a category by herself.

And Leni Robredo, stop asking your social media trolls and minions to fight your battles.

Tayong dalawa ang magharap. I am reissuing my challenge to you. DEBATE WITH ME!

So that people would know who needs to be lectured and who needs psychological intervention.

In the meantime, the followers of Prof. Contreras are waiting to hear hear a word from ‘Silent No More.’

Your thoughts?


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