“LIKE FATHER, LIKE DAUGHTER” — Irate netizen on Kiko & Frankie Pangilinan after their separate statements re Tarlac sh00ting incident

In a Facebook post with the title “LIKE FATHER, LIKE DAUGHTER”, Monching Lumantas, a Davaoeno and staunch Duterte supporter, gave an incumbent senator and his daughter a good old tongue lashing.

Lumantas complained that the senator and his daughter wanted to put the blame on President Duterte and the entire PNP, mind you, for the crime of a policeman because of a personal quarrel.

“Isinisisi na naman sa Pangulo at buong PNP ang pagpatay ng isang pulis sa mag-ina dahil sa away kapitbahay.

Lumantas reminded Pangilinan that the crime was committed outside of the policeman’s duty. It would be absurd for Pangilinan to compare it to a dr*g buy-bust op.

Next, Lumantas turned his attention to Frankie, Senator Kiko’s daughter, telling her not to be like the daughter that threw more fuel to the fire and drove her father to commit the horrible crime.

Lumantas remarked that President Duterte isn’t stupid to condone the policeman k!ller as the father and daughter tandem would like Filipinos to believe, via their well-publicized statements. Lumantas assured the public that this police scalawag will not go unpunished under the Duterte administration.

You may read the full article below now.

Kiko, the crime has nothing to do with the President. This is a HATE crime, a domestic violence involving a neighbor dispute. The cop was not in the line of duty. Do not compare it to a drug buy-bust operation.

Kakie, do not be like the daughter in that sad incident who ‘added fuel to the fire’ and drove his Daddy to pull the trigger. Do not spread hatred and animosity this time to divide the nation.

The President is not stupid to condone such brutal and dastardly act. This police scalawag will suffer the fate of a murderer and he will rot in jail.

May the souls of the mother and son rest in peace !



Source: Monching Lumantas

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