Local importer says US weapons sale stays, netizen fumes following Trillanes ‘gloating’ statement

“That’s just the start. Things would probably get worse in the coming months as our countrymen get hit from different directions at different levels.”

This is the statement sent by Sen. Antonio Trillanes to reporters via SMS when asked for comment about the reported cancellation of the US weapons sale to the Philippines.

Netizens reacted in anger following the statement issued by Senator Trillanes through text to GMA News.

Virge Salao Trillanes is plain annoyance & not public servant..On the other note, I like the idea of buying local..it’s time to rely on Pinoys’ talent & ingenuity. Make our own & create jobs para hindi na lumabas ng bansa ang mga mamamayan. We can make quality products, only if we put corruption aside.

Nelly Inguillo Solis This is one example of a hopeless,negativistic,egoistic person who is happy to see others in trouble or when things go wrong….remember this man in the next senatorial election…Never Again!!

Cris Caparida He expect more worse things to come, he’s happy anyway. But Filipino people expect good thing to come from Duterte and most people try to share thier ideas in order to help duterte accomplish the mission for the good of Filipino.. But this fellow senator is wasting peoples money, the salary he received monthly is from Filipino people… do something for help senator not for worse.. don’t waste our money….

Arvin Burgos Trillanes! Are you wishing so badly that the Philippines will get worst???! What have you done to alleviate our bothers and sister suffering today??? Have you done your part to support the administration??? We did not hear anything positive from you! You are a senator but it seems to me you play like Communist who wants to put down the entire nation. Your term is about to end and the entire nation knows who you are… so wait and see.

Yolanda Sisi Tsk, tsk, you’re gloating, Sonny. That’s why we don’t believe you. You love yourself so much you gloat when negative news hits the country. Our President, on the other hand, loves the Philippines so much he doesn’t care what people think of him. He just wants to do his best to help our nation get to its feet with dignity. So, please, back off!!!

However, it appears Senator Trillanes is celebrating too early!

Based on the letter posted  by journalist Ira Panganiban on his Facebook page, the US weapons sale to the Philippines is pushing through unless the local importer is making this up. Please read the letter below.

The fuss started when Reuters published an article on November 1 that the planned sale of weapons has been halted following opposition raised by a US senator, citing over concerns about alleged human rights violations in the Philippines.

What are your thoughts on this?


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