Look: 2Go fast craft collided with a barge in Cebu City on Saturday evening causing injuries to passengers

A fast craft bound for Cebu from Ormoc collided with a barge on Saturday evening near Mandaue-Mactan Bridge.

According to Cebu Daily News report minor injuries were reported and were brought to the hospital for treatment.

Seaman 2 Joeford Dolino of the Philippine Coast Guard Cebu Station said they received the report at 10:10 p.m. on Saturday.

“We immediately sent a team to the area. Now, the Supercat vessel is now being towed to Pier 4 (in Cebu City),” he told CDN reporter.

Earlier, a Cebu City Councilor, deputy mayor on police matters, told reporters that at least four passengers of the 2GO vessel sustained minor injuries.

“Ambulances are on standby at Pier 4. The injured passengers will be brought to the hospital for treatment once they arrive,” Councilor Dave Tumulak said.

Tumulak said none of the barge crew sustained injuries.

Facebook user Alex Estrada, one of the passengers aboard 2Go fast craft, managed to upload his videos minutes before they were rescued.

Estrada’s video gave us a glimpse inside the fast craft a minute after the impact of the collision.

Based on the conversation in the video, one of the passengers complained to one of the crews that they have been at sea for 40 minutes or so and yet no rescuers has come to their aid.

A male passenger told Estrada that he thinks he broke his back since he can’t move his legs and he can’t stand up. The injured passenger asked Estrada if one of the crews already called for rescue.

The injured passenger asked Estrada if he could lie down to which Estrada replied that he would call a crew to assist him.

The 5-minute video is not enough to tell us the whole picture of the incident, so we’ll wait for the result of the investigation from the Coast Guard before jumping to conclusions.

Netizens who frequents the Ormoc-Cebu route, say under normal circumstances, the fast craft reduced its speed upon entering the Mactan channel because traffic is heavy and the channel is narrow.

As of this writing, the post has gathered 3,288 shares, 532 reactions and 372 comments.

One netizen slammed Estrada for taking a video before helping the injured passengers.

Tyronr Tuano wrote: “So let me get this right?…so two barges or boats had a collision…alot of injuries and damage…but yet…you made a video and take pics…post it in FB…with a huhuhu we need help and manage to post it???…it’s either you’re fawking retarded or really fawking retarded…shouldn’t you be helping you instead of taking videos or pics???”

Franz Jadulco defended the video sharer and wrote: “Tyronr Tuano what’s wrong with you? i believe the one who posted this on fb made it in good faith for info dissemination and to ask for help. people react differently to same impulse. it can’t be helped. if he has other intentions, i really don’t mind. i often travel this ormoc-cebu road, and this is an eye-opening incident. i suggest you refrain from being negative. and oh, before you make any comment, i respectfully request that you make sure your basic english syntax is at least polished. kung nahihirapan ka, pwede ka namang mag tagalog.”

Atm Nadisgrasya me huhu we need help! We are in th middl of somewhere Ormoc to cebu. Some of us got injured and severe pain.


Posted by Follow Alex Estrada on Saturday, February 18, 2017

Video 2

Posted by Follow Alex Estrada on Saturday, February 18, 2017

Video courtesy of Cebu Daily News upon rescue of injured passengers.

WATCH: Medical team attends to injured Supercat passengers at Pier 4 | via Christian Maningo

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Posted by Cebu Daily News on Saturday, February 18, 2017

Moral Lesson: If you are not trained in EMR, don’t try to move the injured because it might aggravate the injury (Spinal Cord Injury), especially after collisions.

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