Look: Atty. Darwin Canete credits President Duterte’s brilliant leadership of defeating ISIS in RP

While it is true that credits should go to the brave soldiers who fought in the Marawi crisis, this lawyer believes credit should also go to PRRD.

Fiscal Darwin CaƱete, one of the brilliant defenders of PRRD on social media, briefly summarizes his assertion that Duterte’s brilliant leadership has been instrumental in the AFP’s impending victory over the ISIS-inspired Maute terrorists who planned to establish Marawi as the seat of the ISIS caliphate in Southeast Asia.

The post read:

“The Marawi crisis has shown the President’s brilliant leadership. He acted like a president. He listened to his experts. He contained the rebellion from spreading. He gave his commanders tactical flexibility. He gave them unconditional logistical support. He gave them political cover. He complied with the law. He gave them morale boosts and was always on top of the situation WHILE fending off ridiculous grandstanding from the morally bankrupt bonehead stupid critics. He mourned each and every death. He gave courage to the wounded. I know he very much wanted to fight himself, but he had to suppress it because he knew his duty as president. We know the psychological and emotional price he is paying and appreciate his sacrifice. Be happy that we have a leader we can count on.”

Netizen Bonie Benitez takes this is as an opportunity to hit the critics: “Para sa mga nanlait say presidente. Ngayon nyo sabihin Mali siya to wage war in marawi. To declare martial law in Mindanao. Para Dyan sa mga mahilig magngawa at walang gawa. Like honti virus, Aquinos, Kiko, Lagman, trillianes, alejano, delima at lahat lp supalpal kayo lahat! Dapat sa inyo I linya say firing squad kasama ni hapilon at Maute!”

Netizen Jenny Mee Galang agrees with Atty. Darwin: “On point Sir Darwin! He trusted our soldiers and gave them support which has been reciprocated. Salute to PRRD and our soldiers!”

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