Look: Deputy Ombudsman Carandang admits his “source” of docs against Duterte were local reporters, not AMLC

Finally, Deputy Ombudsman Carandang admitted that the source of the alleged P1B money of Duterte was not AMLC but local reporters who showed him the documents.

In reaction to Carandang’s huge revelation, socmed blogger MJ Quiambao Reyes couldn’t help but mock at Ombudsman Conchita who previously vouched for Carandang on Facebook.

Pano ba yan, Madam Conching? Will you still stand by the “AMLC docs obtained by your office” after your Deputy Ombudsman Carandang has already revealed that the said docs were just shown to him by some reporter/s and were not really obtained from AMLC?

Nagkulang po yata kayo sa ‘coordination’…

Meanwhile, another pro-Duterte socmed blogger aired his sentiment on Facebook demanding purging. Whatever that means is open for anyone’s interpretation.


This is how disgusting and how sleazy the kind of government officials we have, like deputy Ombudsman Arthur Carandang and his boss, Conchita Morales. Surely there are other politicians that are on this brazen deception as well. If sleaze is there, Franklin Drilon is not far behind.

And this is how they play around with our lives and our future, in cahoots with the oligarchs, the elite, the church, the academe and the well-heeled of society. Lump them together with the drug and crime syndicates and protectors, and the gang’s all here.

We are mere fools enraptured in a circus, torn and divided, gnawing and cursing at one another while they in the ivory towers laugh all the way to their Cayman offshore accounts.

A revolution is not enough to fix this damn country!

What we need is a PURGE!.


Your thoughts on this?

Source: News5

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