Look: Filipino ingenuity at work, converts broken washing machine into pedal powered toy

A video showing netizens that a broken washing machine can be converted into a pedal-powered stuff is making the rounds online.

In a Facebook post shared more than 241 times and viewed 12,000 times as of Wednesday, the netizen gave us a glimpse that with some creativity and hard work, we can create something out from a broken thing.

The idea is nothing new though. In YouTube, you can find tutorials on how to go about the conversion of your machine into pedal-powered toy cum exercise bike. The question is, “Do you have the dedication and the brain power to digest the knowledge available at the tip of your fingertips?”

The benefit of using a pedal-powered machine can be felt instantly – lesser electricty bill and lesser poundage in the weighing scale in a months time.

When it comes to performance, there is no reported difference between an electric powered washing machine and the human powered machine.

ANG TABA NG UTAK NI KUYA! (Y)Mga ka Pinoy Pride may sira ba kayong washing machine? pwes may paraan na po diyan para hindi masayang or mapakinabangan ang inyong washing machine ganito po ang gawin nyo.Panoorin nyo ang inbensyon ng isa nating kababayan.(c) Mr. Dandy

Posted by Pinoy Pride on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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