Look: Hilarious memes of viral photo of President Duterte & 4 former presidents

Recently, Rappler posed a challenge to the netizens to send the most creative version of the viral photo shared by President Duterte & 4 former presidents to commemorate their historic meeting.

In a Facebook post, Rappler posted the challenge to netizens that reads:

“Master, pa edit po.”

A historic photo deserves an equally important background. Can you take the challenge? Send us your most creative version in the comments!

Netizens with editing and photoshop skills gamely responded and came back to post their coolest and funniest renditions of the historic photo of the current and 4 former presidents to commemorate the meeting of the National Security Council.

Netizen Alain Delon posted a rendition of the photo ala Meteor Garden and wrote a disclaimer that reads:

NOT MINE PO. mas maganda na yung klaro. Just want to share. sobrang daming tawa ko nito.

Netizen Terrence Remollo, perhaps a big fan of the animated movie “Despicable Me” use it as his inspiration.

If you are a fan of the movie “The Expendables”, you will love the rendition of Mike Wazowski Vinluan.

Netizen Winsome Ilustrado Adonai’s interpretation will surely raised some eyebrows from FVR supporters.

The Avengers fans will surely appreciate the rendition of netizen Paolo Vicencio.

Game of Thrones fans will have mixed feelings about this, though.

Naruto fans will have their fill too.

Likewise, Voltes V will equally be delighted to see the rendition of Arvine Bartolome.

F4 fans have a blast sharing their rendition. Credits to Neil Adrian for the edit.

Don’t worry Power Rangers fans. Netizen George Tristan took care of it.

What do you think of Jaq-jaq Ramos’ rendition?

Who do you think has the best rendition among the netizens?

Please feel free to comment below.

Source: Rappler