Look: Japanese artist’s rendition of Mayor Duterte left Pinoy supporters in awe

A photo post of a Japanese visual artist has captured the hearts of Duterte supporters and has been doing the rounds online recently.

Japanese painter's Duterte artwork

Credits to Ayumi Endo

In a Facebook post, Ayumi Endo, a famous Japanese visual artist from Kyoto published her work of Mayor Duterte in a pensive mood overshadowing a city skyline.

In the post, Ayumi Endo explains in Japanese how she got the inspiration to do an artwork for Mayor Duterte, in complete defiance of her own artistic rule not to tackle politics or religion in her artworks.

Turned out, she visited Cebu last year for a painting event and since Mayor Duterte was the talk of the town since last year, he somehow left an indelible impression to the Japanese painter. Sorry for the lousy translation.

Desperate to make sense of what she wrote in the caption, I decided to try my hand in Google translate and this what came up.

Japanese translation final

Pardon her for the broken English, but her artwork sends a message that Mayor Duterte’s charisma and message of change is so powerful that even foreigners believe that Mayor Duterte is indeed the man who can change our country for the better.

Come to think of it. If outsiders can see the sincerity of Mayor Duterte, why is it that Filipinos can’t see it? Perhaps, we can see the proverbial trees but not the forest since we are looking at it from the perspective of an insider. If that is the case, how about looking at it from the perspective of an outsider?

Hmmm. If you ask why Duterte is the popular choice among the OFW’s, perhaps the analogy of the trees and the forest applies here. What do you think? Ok. Enough with conjectures.

-RODRIGO DUTERTE-フィリピンの大統領選へ向け、Rodrigo Duterte氏の絵をデザインさせて頂きました!!去年からライブペイントなどでセブ島へ呼んでもらい、そこからとても近く感じているフィリピンのこれから。…

Posted by Ayumi Endo on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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If you wish to download the high quality pic, go here http://firestorage.com/download/55af1121a4e854174c7598a697288b78e82e4694



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