Look: Netizens in uproar after this jeepney driver did this to a traffic enforcer

Directing traffic in a busy Metro Manila is no picnic more so when our roads are crawling with undisciplined drivers who drives like madmen.

The video shared by Facebook user RG Estrada demonstrates how dangerous the job of traffic enforcers in Metro Manila can be.

In the video, a traffic enforcer can be seen directing traffic at 7:17 AM, January 31,2017 when speeding jeepney rammed into him.

The impact caused the driver to fall into the pavement, back flipped and sat down but unable to stand up when he attempted.

The jeepney driver stopped and alighted from his vehicle to check the traffic enforcer he just bumped.

Another enforcer can also be seen approaching his colleague to see the extent of his injury.

The video has angered netizens and wants them banned from our roads to prevent a repeat of the incident.

Others wants a stiff penalty for erring drivers to teach them a lesson, while some wants to see jeepney drivers undergo intensive seminar on road safety and driving lessons.

The video has gathered 1230,000 views, 2,471 shares, 1,579 reactions and 1097 comments and counting as of this writing.

What do you think is best solution to this problem or menace in the road?

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