Look: Sara Duterte burns Raissa Robles following tweet asking if any member of the Duterte family has visited Marawi lately

On Twitter, Raissa Robles asks: “Has any member of the Duterte family gone to an evacuation center where Marawi families went. Trying to find links. Thanks”

Before long, Sara Duterte responded to Robles and roasted the number 1 critic of her father on Instagram.

Feather B, I told you last time I am Mayor of Davao City not of Marawi, ILigan or Cagayan de Oro. Hindi ako epal tulad mo. Nagpadala man ang Davao City LGU ng relief goods sa Iligan wala naman kami obligasyon na ipaalam sa iyo yun. Meron kami evacuees but we made sure hosts and relatives accomodate them at walang matutulog sa semento sahig ng gym, we did their masterlist and de-briefing, we made sure DepEd will accomodate the children, di kasi kami chismosa tulad mo kaya di na namin naikwento. Ikaw, ano na nagawa mo maliban sa pag tweet?

On Twitter, Crayolang Asul asks Robles if any other member of Leni’s family has gone to any evacuation center where Marawi families went? But do hang on until the last words in the sentence to see the wicked punch.

Meanwhile, netizen rik escudero was more blunt to Robles and tweeted…

Netizen Sakuragi heckled Robles after noting that her tweet has less and less interaction on Twitter.

Meanwhile on Facebook, netizens have a field day jeering at Raissa Robles.