Look: Trike driver loses cool during rush hour, punches & slaps jeepney driver in front of passengers

A video showing a trike driver switching to beast mode during a traffic altercation and bullied the jeepney driver in Manila is doing the rounds in the social media.

beastmode trike driver

In a Facebook post viewed more than 10,000 times two hours after it was uploaded this morning, the video captured how the trike lost his cool by hitting the jeepney driver using his flipflop in full view of the lady passenger who record the drama using her camera phone.

The netizen wrote a caption of the video to describe the morning street drama

Sidecar boy nanampal ng jeepney driver!! Tumaas ang BP ko sa inyo! Ang tapang wala ko ma say!

In the video, the trike driver approached the jeepney driver and hit the latter using a slapping motion using his ‘dirty’ slipper.

The trike driver can be overheard saying, “Tama na? Nasaktan ako eh!” The jeepney driver successfully parried the repeated attack using his forearms.

However, upon closer investigation, turned out it what was captured in the video was the second attack of the trike driver. During the first attack, the trike driver managed to land a punch on the chest of the jeepney driver.

Ako nag video sa harap ako nka upo kanina lng yan eh pangalawang sugod nya na ung una sinuntok nya s face at sa chess di nkuntento sinampal nya n ng slippers un lng n video ko. Mahilig tlga ko sa harap umupo eh.tnx s concern.

The video drew mixed reactions from the netizens. Many netizens sided wth the jeepney driver and drew admiration for his calm demeanor despite the attack on his mandhood and person.

Meanwhile, a few netizens took the cudgel for the trike driver and defended his action saying he deserved it since many jeepney drivers are rude and lacks road courtesy.

Sidecar boy nanampal ng jeepney driver!! Tumaas ang BP ko sa inyo! Ang tapang wala ko ma say!

Posted by Maria Angeline NG Calayag on Monday, January 11, 2016

What can you about the beheavior of the trike driver?

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